A Message to Zuckerberg's Stasi as Facebook Locks the 'Grok - We "Unpublished You" First - Granite Grok

A Message to Zuckerberg’s Stasi as Facebook Locks the ‘Grok – We “Unpublished You” First

Facebook Censorship Free Speech

Facebook’s blacklisting campaign against us began over a year ago, during the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. Just days before, actually. We have been repeatedly restricted, quite often (and this is the amusing part) for reasons their fact-checkers invented.

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They even dinged us for sharing a meme they decided we took seriously – having never bothered with the actual context.

We continued to provide content to Facebook because we have readers who access us there. That has come to a screeching halt.

FB restricted

We shared a report by a clinical scientist (back on April 18th) who claims COIVD19 has never been isolated. Our article refers to his claims, research and speculates about the possibility. We’ve never said categorically that COVID19 does not exist, quite the opposite, but we’re not afraid to talk about the possibilities or to speculate about the details reported by others.


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The fake checkers at Facebook (Glavlit) are not interested in the nuance of context or debate. Their job is to stifle thought outside the approved narrative while the corporate media can print demonstrably false or inaccurate garbage without fear of similar scrutiny.

That’s their playing field so we go outside their blurry partisan lines all the time. And not just in the pursuit of engagement. We have been building audiences on other platforms.

At our peak, we were reached over one million people a month through Facebook. They didn’t all click through to GraniteGrok, but they were seeing and sharing our content.

After the Fascists put on the brakes, we went to work, and (a little over) a year later, our traffic (pageviews per month) is solid while our Facebook reach is now barely 13,000 per month.

They have not unpublished us yet, but I guess we should thank them. Our reliance on Facebook was holding us back. We’d become co-dependent on the traffic. That’s not a problem anymore because we unpublished you first and we’ve been taking our readers with us.

You should expect the Grok Facebook page to be gone sometime very soon.

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