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Notable Quote – So, Progressive-Socialism is “Scientific”, eh?

Adam Smith criticism of Government Hubris

Socialists (and assorted ilk) have always maintained that their ideas are “Scientifically” based. That all one has to do is follow their commands and we’d all have Heaven on earth.

Emphasis mine:

Marxism offered them also a future, bearing unbounded promise to humanity. It predicted that historic necessity would destroy an antiquated form of society and replace it by a new one, in which the existing miseries and injustices would be eliminated. Though this prospect was put forward as a purely scientific observation, it endowed those who accepted it with a feeling of overwhelming moral superiority. They acquired a sense of righteousness, which in a paradoxical manner was fiercely intensified by the mechanical framework in which it was set.

-Michael Polanyi (The Logic of Liberty)

In fewer words, they are just stuck up and what little of religion (remember heaven?) they accept in their utterances is to convince the bitter clinger rubes that they are Biblically based as well. Why else would they often quote scripture and make a complete hash of it? They really don’t understand what they are quoting.

How many times have you heard Democrats yell “Follow the Experts,” even as we know that outside of their very narrow areas of expertise they can be absolute duds? Example with the WuFlu – yes, the experts may be right about what they know, but it has been a classic example that as more data keeps coming in, the experts keep changing their minds. However, they expect (and the Democrats echo-chamber it with political hammers in hand) the rest of us to follow lockstep.

Sure, stay in our homes. Stay safe. But when that “saving health” ends up in “killing economic health” what to do? The health experts proved that they had neither economic expertise nor political ones. They also expected us just to obey their diktats.

Sorry, Life is more than one or two areas of expertise in which we are to “obey”. But they are too wrapped up in their newfound time on stage to remain humble in the other areas of life in which they are either just normal or below average.

Yet, the Socialist Democrats plow on with their sense of Moral Superiority in that they have all the answers if only we’d trade our Freedom for them.

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)