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Looking for the Advantages in an Open Border Policy

A question for readers if I may. What advantage to or for American workers or American people, in general, does the current open borders policy provide?

As a young man, I remember union leaders were staunchly against any such policy saying it depressed wages and was anti-union. A Democratic politician in those days would never, ever have supported today’s situation.

What’s changed?

I keep hearing the word “racist” thrown out but frankly, it has nothing whatsoever to do with race. It is about job security, living wages, and protecting the hardworking family’s future. Am I wrong, I don’t care which party you belong to, am I wrong? If I am please tell me what good this open border policy has done you?

Other terms I hear are “moral” and “compassionate” but how is destroying the jobs of our fellow Americans either?

Stagnating the wages or reducing workers’ benefits in labor contract negotiations going forward does not seem moral or ethical to me either. Can we expect the costs of living for food, clothing, or shelter to go down enough to compensate workers for the enormous costs associated with the huge and grandiose programs the administration promises?

How about the costs of home heating, electricity, air conditioning, water and sewage, telephone, television, or any of the other monthly bills the average home has become comfortable and used to?

Or is the American working family just supposed to slip quietly back into the lifestyle of the 1950s? Personally, I did like the ’50s but I was just a kid. Didn’t have to work or pay any bills, got a quarter every Saturday to go to the movies with, life was good. I’m not a kid now, are you?