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Mao, Mao-Mao! – Critical Race Theory Advocates Tell Supporters to Silence Opponents

Women during Maos cultural revolution

Nothing says ‘division or ‘exclusion’ like working to isolate and silence any who dares to oppose you. But that is how advocates of Critical Race Theory advance their “inclusion and Diversity” agenda. But they are not supposed to advertise their intimidation tactics for general consumption.

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The Loudoun County Public Schools Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (LCPSMSAAC) posted the declaration on Twitter and Facebook, less than two weeks after a secret Facebook group known as Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County that targeted opponents of CRT was revealed, triggering a recall campaign.

“There is strength in numbers & we believe wholeheartedly, that united, we can & will silence the opposition. We ask that you please support our call to action by engaging in these 5 small, but impactful actions to help us in our mission of Advancing Equity Through Action!” the tweet read.


How to shut down people who disagree 101.

This is in America, by the way, and not restricted to Loudon County, Virginia. We’ve been exploring this cultural poison in the education wells around New Hampshire. Dan Richards, from Hanover, explained it in a conversation we shared yesterday. Silencing you is a feature of the program.

Facilitators, educators, advocates at any level are trained and required to shout you down or shut you out if you dare to ask questions or challenge this toxic cultural orthodoxy.

Loudon County had become their power child. We have a teacher’s remarks on the militant intimidation tactics. The parent’s and teachers’ enemies list. And now this.

The LCPSMSAAC deleted the truth and replaced it with a lie. They apologized “to anyone who may have felt as though your voice would be silenced or who has been offended by our post as that is not now, nor has it ever been our goal or intention.”

They have been feeding this crap into the schools for years, and now that they can take it national, they have created war rooms to address dissenters. The apology is simply a distraction resulting from an over-estimation.

Someone thought that there was more of them than there are of you. That they could be honest about their intentions. They mean to silence you. The enemies’ lists and activism to silence any inquiry or challenge to their agenda is unacceptable.

This is happening in New Hampshire. Dan Richards, the parent I referred to earlier, feels pressure not just from the schools but from neighbors and people in town. The Left will ramp this up, go after his kids, his wife, isolate them until they feel alone, and give up daring to question anything, perhaps ever.

And I mean anything, and ever.

This isn’t just some racism anti-racism hill to die on; it is the template for the advance of Marxist rule. Listen to Lily Tang Williams in this recent webinar on CRT. She grew up during Mao’s cultural revolution.

This is that.

The solution, as always, is to shine more light on it.

No, do not target or doxx or harass people. We make these public persons and their positions public. Name them “in the press,” quote them in op-eds and letters to the editor.

Send us your evidence, written, audio, video, your personal testimony, and we will share it alongside the opinions of those who oppose what they support.

This is happening, and we are the last line of defense.

Yes, HB544 will help, but you need to reach out to your state senators and the governor politely. Tell them CRT is racist and race-shaming and has no place in New Hampshire.

And while this is not the best place for that language, we need them to leave it in the State Budget and for the governor to sign it. We cannot afford to let this oppressive anti-free speech race-baiting scheme to take deeper root in our communities