Video Update: NH State Rep Deb Stevens Shamed for Boiling Her Dog in the Sun All Day Long - Granite Grok

Video Update: NH State Rep Deb Stevens Shamed for Boiling Her Dog in the Sun All Day Long

Deb Stevens

This is an update to Steve’s post that pointed out that Progressive Deb Stevens had no concern at all for leaving her “precious” pooch to boil in the hot sun the entire time.

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Watch how she saunters saucily to her minivan with “attitude” and is more concerned with verbally mixing it up with others than concerning herself with her pet:

Police couldn’t do anything because she was on official business. No one could touch her car or they’d get arrested. Apparently Rep. Stevens thought we should all “mind our business

“You be the judge if the dog was under stress which I feel it was.

April 9th, 2021 NH Representative Deb Stevens from Nashua left her dog in her van in the very hot sun. I spoke with the Republican Leadership several times and reported the plate number. I told them the dog was stressed but not to the point the dog was going to die. But the dog needed attention very soon. Time keeps ticking and nothing. The Rep refuses to come to help her dog. NH State Police and State House security get involved and still nothing.

I talked with Minority Leader Cushing and told him something had to be done. I was told I could be arrested if I touched the car or let the dog out per NH law.

Watch Rep Stevens’s attitude at the start of the video when she comes out to move the car and dog into the shade after much pressure from observers. Videos after 2:20​ show the dog was stressed before Rep Stevens came out. I was told by both parties they were having issues with Rep Stevens the past 2 days at the Bedford NH State House for House Session on this dog issue. We are there from 8:30am to 7pm on all three days.

This is so wrong to leave a dog in a car for many hours, even if the windows are down partway on a hot day directly in the hot sun. I want to thank the State House security for helping this dog.”

Progressives always claim that they are SO concerned with the situations that others find themselves in – THEY are the concerned ones and Republicans are the cold-hearted ones that hate everyone and everything. Yet here we are and there she goes.

Not only her but if NH House Minority Leader Renny Cushing refuses to do anything (except to tell Republican Reps to back off (“…told I could be arrested…”) – what is with these Progressives?

Or rather, just watch them on full display. Like NH State Rep Deb Stevens.

I’m betting that she’s gonna whine once more that GraniteGrok is picking on her and try to make herself a victim for the upteenth time. Like I’ve said before – do or say something stupid, we’ll write about you. Keep doing it and we will write about you again.

The only victim, in this case, was a dog that has an uncaring and cruel owner.