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So the Teacher Takeover of Our Kids Have Been Going for a While.

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Like what sometimes happens here at GraniteGrok (as we approach 42,000 posts), when you go researching something you wrote years ago (and I did find it this time – used it here), you end up finding OTHER stuff that can be “revived” as it’s still relevant. In my case, a decade ago which was my first in-person introduction to the evil that is Teachers assuming that their students are THEIRS and the parents can take a hike. And were quite dismissive of Parents. So, given the ideological battle that REALLY is coming to the fore as to WHAT is being taught in our taxpayer financed classrooms? And the utter disdain by Government teachers (and now, hearing what some private school teachers as well) that seemingly have no problem perverting how Parents wish to raise their children. THEIR children, not the teachers. But that’s the problem – teachers, more and more it seems, believe the children belong to them and not the Parents.

Blast from the Past One:

You know, this is a continued theme I hear from teachers – parents are secondary to kids success.  It is we, the teachers, that knows what is best for your kids.  Think I’m kidding?

…On the curb, teacher Leah Gustafson held a sign saying, “Scott, your son is in my class. I teach him, I protect him, I inspire him.” When I read this, I nearly wretched as her words sunk in:

  • I know where your son is….he’s mine.
  • *I* protect him (with the subliminal message, perhaps, of “and better than you do“)
  • *I* inspire him (he looks to me first)

This is a teacher that, in my estimation, is willing to use a child as a political pawn and has no problem at all in doing it.  In fact, it it worse – she is using her political opponent’s (WI Gov. Scott Walker) son directly as that pawn. Instead of the message of “we teach everyone, including your’s”, it came across as “I have what is your’s“.

I often have local parents refuse to get involved in local school funding issues, or to bring up certain situations to a more public light, for fear of retribution by the teachers.  Oh, to be sure, some may well be flagrantly done, but many would be much more subtle.  However, WHO in their right mind wants to put their kids at risk – especially in schools. Imagine the Gov. reaction to that?

…In fact, that last part is more scary than the first:

  • Primarily, this is about the union is determined that it will maintain its political power to keep getting its chosen elected so as to keep their union demands met.
  • Secondarily, it is the teachers / govt over the parents – ask yourself “WHY is it that there are multiple pushes to further lessen the time (and therefore, influence) that kids will spend with their parents?  Bring them to school earlier in the day and later after school!  We’ll feed them breakfast, lunch, and supper!  We have the on-site health clinics!  Need an abortion – no problem!  And parents – YOU have an attitude about this?  Let us flip through this book called Rules for….

The second is important as it is the teachers that are starting to teach your kids THEIR morality?

And now it is very much out in the open with Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory that are PURPOSEFULLY being put into their minds. Do you, as a Parent, really know what that philosophy is?

Blast from the Past Two:

As I pointed out here, there seems to be a side of teachers to believe that they are of more importance to a child’s well being and success than their parents.  Yes, I know about how some parents are doing the best they could (according to teachers) to help their kids through school and the like; I get that.  Having run a daycare center, I saw it first hand and gently shook my head at some parents.  But that was a minority, a real small minority of parents.

But I would never, not even in my wildest dreams of megalomania or delusions of being “Emperor for the World for a Week”, would presuppose to believe that I was better for their kids than they were – my staff were paid to watch over and teach age appropriate lessons.  Never did I think that we were that important to believe that we should or could supplant parents.

Unfortunately, like the teachers in that post, there are others that need to relearn that lesson – like these words uttered by teachers in Moultonborough, NH back in October, whose words were similar to that of the WI teachers:

…Where they are safe to talk without other peoples beliefs [meaning the parents] (unintelligible) because they may believe different….more accepting than their parents…your kids are doing and saying and seeing and reading and hearing and watching thing you have no clue about every day.  Don’t take this out on a program that is being offered for your children.

Can’t make it more clearly than that, can you?  Just like with the NH School Board Policy JBAB that seeks to completely cut Parents (Yep, more coming on that as well!).

… And one brave lady put it out there and on the line – and summed it up completely:

…the other is parent rights and what I am hearing from the teachers who have spoken is a little bit of contemptuousness for the parents rights.  And I think this is something that the School Board and the School needs to address this because the parents have the right to be there. And they don’t seem to understand that.

Once again, I ask “who work for who”?

The age in which the kindly teacher sits behind a wooden desk with an apple on the front edge of it is long gone.

Blast from the Past Three:

I also pointed out in that same post that there are teachers in Moultonboro, NH that “look down” upon the parents on the topic of attitudes; in fact, if I had been their boss, I would have pulled them aside after they had said what they did about their actual employers – the parents – to knock it  off:

…students are WAY ahead of the times, way ahead of parents on multiple issues especially when it comes to openness and sexuality…I disagree with having parent being allowed in.  I think that student are willing to talk about this because they have different views than their parents

And now, we know why – it seems that “Public Schools” teachers are going out of their way to teach their students differently than what their parents do on moral issues; we talked about this on Saturday’s show (emphasis mine) about what Diane Schnieder of both NEA (teachers union) and GLSEN (a militant pro-homosexual advocacy group whose founder, Ken Jennings, was Obama’ “Safe School” czar) gave as a talk at a UN conference:

“Oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education,” Diane Schneider told the audience at a panel on combating homophobia and transphobia.  Schneider, representing the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the US, advocated for more “inclusive” sex education in US schools, with curricula based on liberal hetero and homosexual expression.  She claimed that the idea of sex education remains an oxymoron if it is abstinence-based, or if students are still able to opt-out.

Comprehensive sex education is “the only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity,” Schneider proclaimed, “and we must make these issues a part of every middle and high-school student’s agenda.”  “Gender identity expression and sexual orientation are a spectrum,” she explained, and said that those opposed to homosexuality “are stuck in a binary box that religion and family create.”

Kids, forget your parents and your God – you only have to listen to me!

Remember, all of the above was from over a decade ago. Believe me when I tell you that the genesis of this started LOONG ago. Now, you’re a RAACIST and a homo/transphobe if you don’t agree with your Educational “Professionals”.

This NEA official has decided, unsurprising, that Teachers have the preeminent role in their students lives – parents, God, not so much.  In fact, when it comes to sex, they know best! Read it over carefully – and notice the complete abandonment of the idea that this topic should be left to the parents. This isn’t just an outsourcing of a parental responsibility (for I feel that it is in come cases) but a complete take over by an outside governmental (and unionized) entity. Schneider makes it rather clear:

  • Government should ensure that Parents and their kids will have no choice
  • Attendance will be mandatory – no way parents can take their kids out – parents should not matter.
  • Middle school kids may not be ready for the topic?  Rubbish – age no problem!
  • And the most serious problem: and the parents and their religion are the problem in her eyes – they prevent the LGBTQ(xyz) agenda from moving forward!!

I’m NOT sorry – WHY in God’s green earth should teachers be teaching our kids about oral sex if they can’t freaking teach the kids that for which we pay them?

…After all, what are the kids to think at that rebellious age: “Gee, Mom & Dad and my Pastor say this is wrong – but my TEACHER says pre-marital sex is just fine.”

I am just astounded by this – the Educational-Industrial complex will not stop and will not relent.  Government is in the process of taking over basic parental responsibilities: feeding their kids (3 meals, 365 days), maintaining their health (via health clinics), taking care of the kids before school, taking care of the kids afterschool, taking them to abortions….when does it stop?

Now, it has decided, via the NEA and a pro-gay group, that it has the responsibility to substitute its idea of what is right and wrong, what is moral and not, for parents’.  The most intimate of human experiences is now in the process of being hijacked by those who view it as a political agenda and a means to their end and not as a precious human experience that should be shared, not in a promiscuous fashion as what is implied, but in a committed married relationship. Instead, it is being turned into simple physical exercise in pursuit of a libertine existence (too bad the kids can’t tell you the meaning of libertine, much less spell it).  “If it feels good, do it” is back, regardless of the emotional harm it will cause to kids that are not ready for it.

And then they wonder why parents either go off the deep end or give up completely?  For either extreme, the message is clear – parents, stay out of the way as you are just not needed.  Or wanted.

I’m done here – I can’t believe that the words I wrote as a warning are still as valid today as they were back then…only more so, so it seems.

If you folks have kids in the school system, you’d better start speaking up and fighting this crap. Worried about your kids will suffer retribution?