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Another Look at Chris Sununu’s Critical Race Theory Problem

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Someone in Chris Sununu‘s office needs to get #woke from #wokeness. A double negative of sorts that turns into its reverse. Wake up. Your boss is advocating, inadvertently or deliberately, systemic racism. Is that the legacy he wants to leave behind?

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By allowing Critical Race Theory to metastasize within the education establishment, he is doing more than just permitting a culture of racism to take root and grow.

Critical Race Theory is a political program.

It advances compelled speech and speech suppression.

Under its oppressive worldview, no one is equally capable of grasping truths. Facts, history, culture, even your own will are constrained by your lane of birth and define whether you are not just allowed but capable of knowing “truth.”

Everyone is judged by the sins of their fathers and the color of the skin.

There is no path to forgiveness or redemption.

It is a political program that uses Marxist theory to leverage race to a totalitarian end.

If the Governor is truly concerned about the New Hampshire economy, low taxes, gun rights, and the defense of whatever few Republican principles he can still claim as his own with a straight face, CRT has to be limited.

The systemic race-shaming is cover for advancing an ideology that will destroy the New Hampshire advantage and reduce the Granite State to little more than another Northeaster outpost of declining wealth and value.

It will have no advantage at all.


Leave the HB544 language in the budget. Oppose the systemic discrimination of CRT.

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