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14,600 Years Ago Prehistoric SUV’s Melted Ice Sheets Causing 60 Feet of Sea Level Rise

Fred Flinstone di-cast Flintmobile

14,600 years ago (give or take), the ice sheets melted, and the seas rose. These would be the land-locked ice sheets that rapidly retreated after the first warming period of the last de-glaciation (the Bolling period or Bølling-Allerød Warming).

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A natural process that had no “human influence” because Nancy Pelosi would not be born for at least a few more years.

No, I am not saying Nancy melts ice sheets on her own or that anyone else does; this is about politics vs. natural processes. 14,600 years ago, well, read this.


Using geological records, scientists were able to detail the scale of the sea-level rise event, as well as pinpoint the ice sheets responsible for such rapid melt rates, publishing the findings Thursday in the journal Nature Communications.

Paleoclimate data suggests that over the course of 500 years, beginning around 14,600 years ago, Earth’s seas rose nearly 60 feet.

But until now, scientists weren’t sure which ice sheets were to blame for the event, dubbed Meltwater Pulse 1A, or MWP-1A.


14,600 years before Alexandria Ocaso Cortez was born (give or take), there was no one to politicize things (doomed in 12-years!) that happened regardless of our presence or practices, so while,


“The next big question is to work out what triggered the ice melt, and what impact the massive influx of meltwater had on ocean currents in the North Atlantic,” Whitehouse said.


It’s a safe bet the answer can’t be fossil fuels, but it could be the Flinstones, though this seems unlikely. Fred’s car was foot-powered, Yabba Dabba Doo! and we recently entered a Grand Solar Minimum. Ice met won’t be a serious concern for another 30-50 years (give or take). [Find more solar science, Dems will Hate you Knowing Here]

But just about everything else will. Solar Minimums have a way of heralding crises and even ending civilizations. I’d be surprised if this one were any different, though it need not be. If we can get rid of all the idiot Dems before their dopey energy programs freeze us all to death,

We’re going to need all the abundant, affordable fossil fuel or nuclear energy (and infrastructure) we can manage, or ACO might be right, just (as usual) in the completely wrong direction.

Update: This is important and I left it out. The estimates for the duration (the time it took for seas to rise that estimated 60 feet) was about 500 years. That’s 1.44 inches per year. The current average annual sea level rise in our neighborhood is about 3 mm/year (caused by isostatic rebound, not ice melt).