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Welcome to Solar Cycle 25 – Has a Grand Solar Minimum Arrived? (Hint: Yes!)

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Solar Cycle 25 has begun, and the predictions of a Grand Solar Minimum remain unchallenged by actual evidence. What that might mean is subject to some debate but only by people who make living hawking “the unstoppable man-made warming” nonsense.

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When it is not warming they make excuses like, not warming is warming. Or, more likely, they recalibrate historical data so that it looks like the cooling is actually warming. Yes, this happens. And the media, who are in on the came, declared how much warmer it is.

S0, it’s like women’s clothing manufacturers renumbering dress sizes until everyone is in a size 8 or less. It’s still a size 10 or a 12 (or 16, or whatever) but no one calls it that because women will buy more dresses if they can say they are in a ‘smaller size.’ Don’t you dare question any of that!

Same thing with climate cult science. It’s a scam.


Solar minima are not wholesale drops in temperature as I understand it. The decrease in solar energy has a long term cooling effect but it’s not like turning off the heat. The seasons can get a bit odd. You will still have “weather,” meaning warm or hot spells, cool spells, especially in New England where the geography has taught us to wait a few minutes to see if the weather will change. And it does.

Much like the warming of the recent solar maximum none of it has anything to do with how comfortably you live your life. It’s a sun-thing. You can react to it, but little else puny humans.

As for the background, we have plenty of content on the politics as well as some on the impending solar minimum. Plenty of links to the science including from NASA, which seems to be the left’s trusted name in Climate ranting, except when they do actual science that disagrees with the approved dogma. Just use the search feature with suitable keywords and check out what you find.

NASA has been reluctant to embrace the likelihood of a grand solar minimum, but we’ve been pointing to research for years that suggest it was coming. If you really want to get into the weeds on this dig into this research by Valentina Zharkova. Amazing stuff.

Nature published it until the Screaming Greenies lost their minds. Her research proves that neither puny humans nor their politics have much say. As such, significant pressure was applied by stakeholders in the Climate Cult scam to retract the article, so they did, But the research is compelling and predicts this Grand Solar Minimum based on good solid science (read it here). We’re looking at diminished solar output for the next 3o+ years.

Recently discovered long-term oscillations of the solar background magnetic field associated with double dynamo waves generated in inner and outer layers of the Sun indicate that the solar activity is heading in the next three decades (2019–2055) to a Modern grand minimum similar to Maunder one.

Lots of science so, not a light read, but still (IMO) very readable. 

And for the nimrods in the group (the Demorrhoids), the modern warming period that just ended (Global Warming!) coincides, according to the same science, with the modern solar maximum. The sun’s predictable cycles and behavior made the earth warmer Guess what’s next? Not warming. Long term cooling. 

But it will warm back up after that, and probably a bit more than before the new minimum. But not because of CO2 or any other trace gas in our atmosphere. The sun really is the driver of climate on earth and that green energy nonsense, which even Marxist Filmmaker Michael Moore has realized is garbage, won’t change that. Neither will reusable bags, paper straws, or socialism, which we know is that thing to which you want us all to belong.

I’ll pass.

If you’d like to wade into the weeds on Solar Cycles and the shift from 24 to 25 you can stretch your brain here