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#Woke Irony Alert: “The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” Mandates Racial and Sexual Profiling

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If you’ve got Democrats infesting your ‘House’ seats, then they probably voted for “The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.” This legislation does some superficial things and some dangerous things, but the most ironic of them all is this.

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It empowers the Department of Justice to punish local police departments over racial profiling requirements that “could actually cause systematic racism and sexism,” to quote DC Lawyer Hans Bader.


The Justice in Policing Act encourages police departments to adopt quotas based on gender and race for “traffic stops,” “pedestrian stops,” and “interviews.” The practical effect would be to encourage police departments to stop innocent women, Asians, and whites, just to meet quotas based on gender and race.


As a refresher, “systemic racism” is the institutionalization of attitudes or behaviors. Democrats, through HR1280, have voted to make it the law of the land. Required. Mandated. Enforced by Federal Agents and the Department of Justice.


Section 311 of the Act forbids what it calls “racial profiling.” This is defined to include not just race, but also “gender” in Section 302(a)(6) of the bill. But it defines “profiling” in such a crudely-mechanical way that it actually encourages profiling, rather than outlawing it.

Under the bill, what matters is numbers and racial bean-counting, not actual racism or sexism. “Disparate impact” in police stops or interviews based on race or gender — for example, stopping more men than women, or interviewing more blacks than Asians or whites — is defined as “prima facie evidence” of a “violation.”


But, but, but, it’s got George Floyd’s name in the title. Yes, a career criminal who died of a self-administered fentanyl overdose in police custody (wait, sorry, it was COVID19). And much like his untimely passing and the shenanigans that followed, your Democrat “representatives” continue to misrepresent the facts to advance their agenda.

As with the Obama Administration, this legislation is not about profiling, racism, or even police officers’ behavior. It is an effort to institute expanded federal oversight of local law enforcement.

Local cops have this thing where they sometimes refuse to enforce unconstitutional mandates. Federal overreach on gun laws comes to mind. Bills like HR1280 (and there will be more) introduce the opportunity to apply pressure on the department to get enforcement anywhere else they may desire.

I’ve been on about these tactics for years, so (to borrow from Ruch Limbaugh) don’t doubt me.

New Hampshire’s rubber-stamp House Dems Annie ‘take your guns’ Kuster and Chris ‘who couldn’t resist’ Pappas voted for it last year and again this year. Every Democrat in the House voted for it with *two exceptions while every Republican but one voted against.

It’s Get #Woke Go Broke.

Normally that means someone caved to grease a squeaky social justice wheel, resulting in a personal or professional loss. A business failed, market share is lost, ratings decline. When the government does it, the thing that gets broke is usually the thing its advocates claim to be defending.

That’s HR1280.

And yes, it will ultimately result in significantly more money being spent on policing. Defund the police was never about less policing and always about more.

*Jared Golden, ME2, and Ron Kind, WI3