Biden: It's Your Patriot Duty to Mask Up ... To Prevent Any More Cases or "Desks." - Granite Grok

Biden: It’s Your Patriot Duty to Mask Up … To Prevent Any More Cases or “Desks.”

Neither cloth nor medical masks are approved for stopping viruses because they can’t. Manufactures would get sued if they made such a claim. But not the government. So, Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) propped puppet Joe up for this embarrassing plea to mask up.

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Because we “can’t risk more cases and more desks. Desks…”



Stoned? He sounds like he’s high. And maybe he is. I have no idea what they stuff him with before they roll him out for these.

C’mon man, wear the mask because we … “can’t risk more cases and more desks.”

Mask mandates violate a host of OSHA rules we’ve been told to ignore while accomplishing no public health good and perpetrating several potential public-health evils.

The public masking PR campaign was successful, and you either believe they help, or you know they do not.

No, we can’t stop trying to break the sheep out of the mask-mandate paddock, but let’s work on it as part of the larger problem. The success of their cultural coup will continue to plague us. This use of public health tyranny to control the population violates the very nature of the Constitutional Republic.

If we cannot convince our governors (those that need that) to push back on federal overreach, and there’s a lot of that coming, mask mandates will be the least of our worries.

We need to flatten the curve on tyranny one state at a time.