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The “Windham Incident” – NH’s “GOP” House and Senate and Governor are Ducking Every Bit as Much as the Attorney General

At this moment, four of the top five stories on this blog involve the “Windham Incident”.

Steve’s from last November, which has been updated with a plausible explanation:

[Update] Sources cite the possibility that roughly 300 voters chose to vote without wearing a mask so they were segregated when they voted. That these likely Republican voters were not crossed off the checklist and those ballots were never scanned.

Ed Naile’s from about a week ago. Ken Eyring’s from yesterday. And a guest-post from State Senator Bob Giuda today.

The three most recent posts criticize the Attorney General for refusing to investigate. For example, Giuda writes:

In choosing not to investigate the Windham incident, the Department of Justice failed our state and her citizens, both of whom had every right to expect a prompt, thorough investigation into the still-unexplained largest recount error in state history.

It should come as no surprise that the New Hampshire Department of Justice is looking the other way. The NH-DOJ is as politicized as the federal DOJ. For example, the NH-DOJ refused to ask the State Supreme Court to overturn the ridiculous Claremont decisions in the latest education funding litigation … has ignored United States Supreme Court precedent and maintained that the State Constitution’s Blaine Amendment requires the State to discriminate against religious schools … and takes the position that out-of-State college students have a right to vote in New Hampshire (even “remote” college students who had not set foot in New Hampshire for months prior to the November, 2020 election.)

Our time would be much better spent asking why the “GOP” House and Senate have not investigated. For example, the House has an “Election Law Committee,” which could have been investigating the “Windham Incident”:

 (e)  It shall be the duty of the Committee on Election Law to consider all matters relating to the election laws of the state, including campaign finance, the Ballot Law Commission, redistricting, and such other matters as may be referred to it.

The Speaker (with concurrence of the House) also could have created the equivalent of a Select-Committee to investigate the “Wyndham-Incident”:

35.  Appointing an additional committee.  Whenever it is not convenient for any standing committee to attend properly to all the business that has been referred to it, the Speaker may, on a vote of the House to that effect, appoint an additional committee on the same subject, to consist of the same number of members as the original committee.  The new committee’s duty shall be to take into consideration all matters in relation to the subject that has been referred to it by the House, and to report thereon.

There is an analogue to the House’s Election Law Committee in the State Senate.

Finally, the New Hampshire Department of Justice is NOT a fourth branch of government. That is, the claim that New Hampshire has an “independent” Attorney General who does not answer to anyone is absurd. The NH-DOJ is part of the Executive Branch, which is headed by New Hampshire’s Sun-King Chris Sununu. Sun-King Sununu could have at any time directed the NH-DOJ to conduct an investigation.