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I Assume “The Windham Scandal” Dominion Voting Machines Were Tested?

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Not since a bus with 19 out-of-state AmeriCorps workers voted in Deerfield, NH from a fake address on a fake road have we seen such a case of potential voter fraud as “The Windham Scandal.”

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Let’s start with the fact that Dominion and Diebold are from the same coven.

The Town of Windham used Dominion machines to count paper ballots and upon a believable hand recount, it was confirmed each Republican was machine-cheated out of roughly 300 votes.

You would think this would have been solved by the Dominion machine company, the Secretary of State, the Elections Unit of the AG’s Office, or the laughable Ballot Law Commission. (Kathy Sullivan, d (Term expires July 1, 2024)


Just like every other state that used machines that alter ballot counts in favor of one political party over another – here we are.

I assume “The Windham Scandal” Dominion machines were tested as they do in Michigan:

Michigan had a similar issue with the Dominion machines. They gave Biden 6000 votes in Antrim County that should have been President Trump’s votes – after being inspected.

They are still fighting over that “glitch” in Michigan, likewise with glitches in Arizona, Georgia, Pa., and Wisconsin.

Now, Windham, NH.

47 states use Dominion related machines and software.

I wonder why?

It has been proven by multiple companies that Dominion machines are easily hacked, also here.

And this 2007 report from Ct.

In particular, we show that even if the memory card is sealed and pre-election testing is performed, one can carry out a devastating array of attacks against an election using only off-the-shelf equipment and without having ever to access the card physically or opening the AV-OS system box. Our attacks include the following:

  1. Neutralizing candidates. The votes cast for a candidate are not recorded.
  2. Swapping candidates. The votes cast for two candidates are swapped.
  3. Biased Reporting. The votes are counted correctly by the terminal, but they are reported incorrectly using conditionally-triggered biases

But now, it is all better.

So, explain the “Windom Scandal.”