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The Lincoln Project is Imploding Like a High Profile Hollywood Divorce Drama


The Lincoln Project (TLP), like most liberal affectations, served one purpose. Ride a narrative (TDS) to wealth and fame. A few progressives registered as Republicans – some for decades – feeding at another trough while the media lined up Johns the way John Weaver groomed gay partners.

ICYMI: Gina Carano: “They can’t cancel us if we don’t let them.”

Money poured in and most of it went to the principles. They got wealthy at the expense of fools, an apt description of the outcome of the federal election. The media glorified them as mavericks.

Jennifer Horn, a New Hampshire’s State Republican Party Chair – since retired, hopped on looking for a payday. She did interviews and tweeted things about how bad Trump was as a person or a leader waiting for the money to rain down.

It never happened. They say she wasn’t worth it.

Her co-founders got filthy rich and left her hanging. She demanded money. TLP took that discussion public at her “resignation” and things have continued to go downhill.

TLP has since accessed and shared Horn’s Private Twitter DM’s with a reporter to get in front of another scandal as more rats are flee the sinking ship. At least six employees want out of their non-disclosure agreements. Ride the cable-news train to a book deal or something.

Legal Insurrection has all the particulars here. The fire burning on deck. But I want to leave you with the only two takeaways that (IMO) matter.

A bunch of progressives hiding in the Republican party spent most of a year accusing a guy (Donald Trump) of things they were themselves doing in some form or another.


So often, the people and methods used to oppose Trump were at least as deceitful, unethical and destructive as he was claimed to be. @ProjectLincoln is just one illustrative example. Look how many charlatans were promoted, immoral factions venerated. lies told for this Cause.


Just like every other Democrat. And they all knew. The secret was keeping it quiet.

And second, the Left used them and then tossed them away. It is a lesson so many refuse to learn and not just moderate ruling-state courtier wannabe’s hoping to be at the big table, any table, in the room – when the oligarchy finally secures power forever.

Don’t feel special. The Democrats have been doing this to blacks for decades, women nearly as along, blue-collar workers for longer, and more recently Latinos, gays, and now transgenders. You are not special to them.

They are not interested in your rights or opportunities. You are tools. Useful idiots. Framed as victims like some damsel trapped in a tower whom they promise to save from some dragon.

The dragon might be men, or colonialism, or white people, or bigots, or the rich, the educated, the Jews, whomever they think will make you believe.

It’s all Bulls**t!

They are the dragon, feeding on a misery they either created or metastisized for political advantage.

The Democrats were never going to give you a seat at their table.

One more point. The Lincoln Projects Tag line is attributed to Abraham lincoln. “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

How ironic.