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Lincoln Project is Like the Democrat Party – A Haven for Tax Cheats and Sexual Predators

Lincoln Project - Club for Growth ad Screen Grab (2)

Jennifer Horn, the former NHGOP chair, Never Trumper, and now registered Democrat, talked big about Trump and dignity. Milked that cow hard if you take my meaning. All while hanging with tax cheats and sexual predators at the Lincoln Project.

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The Lincoln Project, a laundromat for turning never-trump  money into “operating expenses.”

Recent research reveals that the Lincoln Project not only failed to move anyone politically it has admitted that this was (more or less) never the point. It collected and spent billions in what amounts to masturbation and money-laundering.

And I guess we know why.

Co-Founder Rick Wilson has a history of IRS tax lien’s on his assets and bank troubles.

January 29 marks seven years since the IRS authorized a $389,420 federal tax lien against Wilson’s residence in Florida, a notorious haven for criminal grifters. The lien was filed in response to unpaid income taxes dating back to 2004.

Wilson’s bank moved to foreclose on the property in 2016, according to the New York Post. The self-described “digital assassin” was also taken to court to resolve an unpaid $25,729 balance on his American Express credit card.

John Weaver, another co-founder, had to exit stage left after numerous credible accusations that he was a gay sexual predator using his position of power to extort sex from prospective employees. Weaver also worked as a lobbyist for the Russian government and“has an outstanding  $313,655 federal tax lien against his home in Austin, Texas.”

Jennifer Horn had her own problems with debt (first financial and then political), so maybe that’s the commonality that Club for Growth nailed when they labeled them embittered former GOP grifters.

One more point about Horn. She was quick to repeat the lefty-media lies about Donald Trump – and why not? It got her ink and screen time – but she’s been silent about the predators and tax cheats in her own organization.

And no, we are not at all surprised. This is exactly the sort of thing we expect from Democrats, even when they were still hiding behind a Republican party registration.