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Ruminations on Big Corporations, Big Government and Trump


Counter to some opinions I am concerned about our environment. I just don’t believe the answer is windmills and solar panels (made in China usually), nor do I think we in the U.S. are the problem except for plastics. Darn plastics are everywhere, all over everything and it lasts for like a thousand years.

Program on National Geographic Channel had a presentation on the stuff. There are about a thousand different formulas of it, so recycling can be nearly impossible for about half of them. And those green shopping bags supposed to be biodegradable? Read the fine print. We are being conned by big corporations again.

Speaking of big corps. brings to mind big government conning us too.

Yeah, the Keystone pipeline was shut down over “safety issues.” This is a joke. How isn’t a pipeline safer than a truck, rail, or river barge transport? Luckily we are still working off the last few years of oil production this winter, but what about next winter and those after? Is big government going to come around to every home across all the northern states, including New Hampshire, and with a magic wand provide us with cheap clean renewable electric heat?

And that’s just the tip of the fantasy it’s trying to sell. By the way, I read somewhere that president Biden supports an oil pipeline being built in Afghanistan by the Taliban-controlled government there. How ironic if true.

Wow, looks like Trump was acquitted again.

The never-say-die, Trump-hating left just can’t understand the man has committed no crimes. Afraid they will be obsessing over him for the next four years, you watch.

See where liberal writers here are celebrating now that Biden will “fix” all the “damage” Trump did to our economy. What unreality are these writers living in? Bet a coffee and doughnut that, two years from now, the price of oil will have doubled, we will still be waiting to get our vaccines and the extreme left will still be rioting, looting, assaulting, and burning cities.

And it will be all Trump’s fault, thus will say the MSM.