Imagine Speaker Donald Trump Sitting Behind Biden as He Stumbles Through the State of the Union Address. - Granite Grok

Imagine Speaker Donald Trump Sitting Behind Biden as He Stumbles Through the State of the Union Address.

Trump smiling

Imagine how much fun it would be to see Speaker of the House Donald Trump sitting behind Biden as he stumbles through the State of the Union address?

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Or commenting from the well of the House of Representatives?

Should anti-depressives be issued before or AFTER this takes place?

“So, Trump will easily win a congressional seat in Florida if he runs in 2022. The census update likely means the GOP picks up 5+ seats in the house to take control. And then the GOP makes Trump speaker. Then Trump has control over the legislative agenda and impeachment. Fun ensues.”

Time for “deplatforming Trump from ever running for Federal office again – Shamepeachment #2 was already an exercise in political anger bordering on retribution. Using the 14th Amendment Section 3 (that was written for the Confederates after the Civil War) would widely seen as crossing that line and just pure retribution.

Given that the Progressives are both sore losers AND sore winners (NEVER underestimate the power of AND!), it would be their standard modus operandi.

I’m betting that they’ll try hard to do so but won’t be able to pull it off (Speaker BatCrazy Pelosi is already on record saying that she’s not in favor of censoring Trump…maybe someone mentioned “Bill of Attainder” as they’ve already failed to politically convict Trump)?

The question is could he win?

He’s in Florida now and the Legislature there is completely controlled by Republicans – and they will be the ones that will be responsible for redistricting at all levels – including for the US House.

Gov DeSantis is one of those rumored to be thinking he could be the next President. It certainly wouldn’t hurt if he “nudged” said Legislature as they redo the lines especially as Florida is most likely going to gain two additional US House Districts.

It wouldn’t hurt that one in which Trump lives would be set up to carry out the above.

Fun indeed.