Breaking: Insider Says Trump Will Lay Claim to the 2024 GOP Presidential Nomination at CPAC - Granite Grok

Breaking: Insider Says Trump Will Lay Claim to the 2024 GOP Presidential Nomination at CPAC

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The talk of a third party resurfaced last week after a poll showed that over 70% of Americans would support one. Most of those were independents and a majority of Republicans. Mr. Trump had dismissed such thoughts back in January.

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But speculation is what is, you never know and Donald Trump has been known to change his mind.

But according to this report, Mr. Trump plans to use his CPAC speech to lay claim to the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination, so, yeah, if correct, he intends to run again and run as a Republican.


Trump effectively is the Republican Party,” Trump senior adviser Jason Miller said in a statement. “The only chasm is between Beltway insiders and grassroots Republicans around the country. When you attack President Trump, you’re attacking the Republican grassroots.”

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, a prominent Trump ally, said Mr. Trump was “talking absolutely like a candidate” when he visited the former president on Saturday.


I agree that Mr. Trump is the GOP outside the swampy ruling-class halls of power. He’s the country-class guy fighting for regular folks. And they would come out in droves (again) to back him.

But you also have to remember who this is. Trump knows how to prepare the battlespace, and an announcement like this, even implied, will quickly identify who the friends and enemies are of the country-class (as opposed to the country club) Republicans.

Heading into 2022, that is an invaluable bit of intelligence for voters to have.

On the downside, if they think he is serious – and even if they do not – the Left will be preparing their battlespace as well. Using the next four years to make sure key states swing away from Trump (or whomever) again; unless the voters in those states elect local politicians who will then ensure election integrity beforehand with crushing penalties for those caught violating this sacred trust.

I wish everyone the best of luck with any or all of that. We’re going to need it.

As for the Democrats, you can lose that lost look on your face. Your punching bag is back.