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ALL the Media Were Swooning Over DC But What About Saturday in San Diego?

Oh, move along – nothing to see here. Just another Antifa / BLM riot where they tried to beat the crap out of  the fash Trump supporters that had tried to hold a rally.

Sidenote: fash is slang for facists – a word that used to be used with some precision but all it means now is “folks that disagree with us”. Ditto for “white nationalists” which is a rewrite of “white supremacists” which basically “folks that voted for trump”. Part and parcel of the Left’s repositioning and redefining our common language. In this case, discredit and dehumanize any one NOT them for strictly political purposes. It is what Bruce Currie does here all the time – I guess his part in “the Struggle” in discrediting anything on GraniteGrok for sources.

Sidenote II: I hate to be breaking Godwin’s Law that says anyone that mentions Hitler first in an argument loses, but there HAS to be recognition that we’ve seen this history before – in the 1930s by Hitler’s SA Brownshirts who operated just about the same as Antifa / Black Lives Matter fascists are now. I do wonder, out of the current crop of stupidity, how many know the history of what Hitler DID to all the SA? Doubtful – that’s what our educational system has conveniently left out as they’ve trained them up in White Privilege and how bad our Founders were. Can’t even do simple algebra but boy can they churn out kiddies ready to protest (that “Action Civics” crapola).

The headline from The Blaze:

VIDEO: Antifa mob attacks Trump supporters in San Diego

An unlawful assembly was declared in San Diego on Saturday after violence sprang up when a mob of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters clashed with Trump supporters during the group’s “Patriot March” in southern California.

KSWB-TV photojournalist Paul Makarushka captured the moment when a horde of apparent Antifa members, at least one wielding a baseball bat, converged upon a handful of conservatives.

“[T]rump supporters clash with BLM and antifa on the boardwalk in PB,” Makarushka tweeted. “Heavy police presence some fights and scuffles. Pepper spray etc (not from pd).”

Left Coast Right Watch, a self-described “CA-based news site covering right-wing extremism,” was documenting the chaos on Twitter and gleefully wrote, “Oooooh some Nazis got beat.”

And that would be describing those Trump Supporters as the Nazis. It’s the same Alinsky technique

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

And now the Progressive / Socialist / Democrats are employing this tactic on a national scale, hoping that if they repeat this Big Lie often enough, those that aren’t immersed in politics will believe it like the “Good Germans” did back in the 1930s.

So, how come elected Democrats, Democrat allied groups, and the media NOT talking about THEIR brownshirts anymore and talk ONLY about this single event in DC in which it is HIGHLY suspected that much of the “agitation” crowd where Antifa plants? I watched a number of the videos – I saw a lot of the same black helmets that I’ve seen in the Antifa riots with the same techniques being used.  And then stepped aside and let the “cannon / video fodder” past (like in Medieval battles).

Next next big thing for us to worry about is the gun-grabbing to come (First, Silence them, then make them Defense-less). It is what totalitarian States have always done and Biden has already stated “I will defeat the NRA!”.

And yes it is happening here. And this is starting to ring truer and truer:

They're not after me they're after you I'm just in the way

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