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Biden Plans to Address COVID, the Economy, the Climate, and Race in First Ten Days

Biden at Podium

Joe Biden has announced that he plans to fix a few things in the first ten days in office. Let’s assume that happens, and he’s not in jail. “Fixed” has a very different meaning to Democrats. For example, their idea of fixing the climate will ruin any economy.

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That’s the point of it. When a Democrat says they will fix something, they usually mean ruin it or something else. Democrats destroy everything they touch, as I like to say. Biden’s tenure would be no different.

He intends to embrace the meaningless Paris Climate Accord. A treaty that does nothing for the climate and ruins the American economy. I’m sure we’ll get the Green Raw Deal as well or some of its IED’s (Intentional Economic Destruction).

He would remove the travel bans from countries filled with terrorists who hate us and, probably, open the southern border. They don’t have to walk here; now they can fly (and Illegal Alien Amnesty, though not in the first ten days).

Biden’s going to introduce a 100-day masking challenge. He’ll pretend that this is about us wearing a medical mask on Federal property or during interstate travel (unless in an immigrant caravan?), and they’ll try to make that happen. But this sounds like code to me.

I think he’ll be masking all the unreleased documents connecting himself, his family, and any other Democrat with connections to political power to scandals, election fixing, and the rest. Destroying evidence.

Joe plans to extend the pause on federal student loan payments and suspend interest accumulation on that debt. This is a nifty sleight of hand. The students, whose grandchildren are already on the hook for spending and interest on the federal debt, will still pay interest on that debt. It’s a trick—deferred misery.  Or, maybe China calls for us to pay up, in which case the ‘students’ will learn something about the economy missing from their gender studies degree programs.

And what about racial equity? More hating on white people for certain, but this is, in part, about criminal justice reform. Not the meaningful kind Trump got done but something misty and mysterious like “significant early actions to advance equity and support communities of color and other underserved communities.”

All summer long, Democrats applauded the destruction of neighborhoods and businesses in “communities of color and other underserved communities.” I’d be suspicious.

One more, but not from the linked article. Scientism will be enshrined as a cabinet-level position—Ministry of Health, and all that. Lucky us.

That’s just the first few days. The next two years will see the promotion and passage of every single far-left wing-nut idea of which you have ever heard. Unlike Republicans, Democrats do not worry about what people will think of their agenda. They cram it into law because very little ever gets repealed, rolled back, or sees a sunset except for liberty.

That is unless Joe is in prison by the end of day Jan 20th, where he belongs.