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UN Report: US Cutting CO2 Emissions Without Burdensome Paris Climate Voodoo

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With exceptions for the COIVID lockdown, the US has had a booming economy for several years. Even now, it outranks other western nations. We’re also a leader in fossil fuel production, GDP, and (drumroll) reducing Green House Gas Emissions. This, according to the UN, of all things.

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Let’s be clear. The UN is still advertising armageddon if G20 nations do not step up their “contributions” because the UN will never give up on the fraud. It’s their golden key to a one-world government and socialist redistribution of first world wealth with them as the money launderers.

However, they have been forced to admit that America – without the Paris Agreement hanging around our necks like an Albatross – has done a bang-up job of reducing emissions. From Forbes.

[F]or the United States, the real value in this report is as an advisory that it need not join the Paris Climate Accord. This report is evidence that, instead, the U.S. should just keep doing what it is doing to cut its own emissions. The U.S. is the most successful major country at mitigating its own pollution, and the U.N. shows this.

According to the report, “the United States of America emits 13 per cent of global GHG emissions.” Comparatively, “China emits more than one-quarter of global GHG emissions.” The U.S. still contributes the most greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world, but, over the last decade, the country’s GHG emissions have been in decline (0.4 per cent per year).“ Greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the U.S. are dropping precipitously while those of China, India and Russia continue to rise.

Those on the left who think we’d do better with the shackles of Paris will have to jump through some hoops to prove it. All these other nations signed on; we dropped out.

Emissions totals and per capita

Yes, Bidenharris would throw us back to these wolves and tie the hands of energy producers and users. Prices will rise and eat out our substance. Manufacturing and the economy will slow and stagnate, a trend that your typical load of Left-Wing priorities will only make worse.

Such is the nature of progress in the mind of a Marxist. As long as the government gets bigger, it makes no difference what else gets smaller. But it does. It’s always your pay, your lifestyle, and your choices that become fewer while the ruling class eats and lives like kings.

And lest we forget, CO2 emissions have no connection to warming trends and have nothing whatsoever to do with climate change as sold and packaged by the UN, Democrats, or anyone else.