Well, I didn't see this coming: "To bypass lockdowns, Calif. pastor temporarily turns church into strip club" - Granite Grok

Well, I didn’t see this coming: “To bypass lockdowns, Calif. pastor temporarily turns church into strip club”

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This is what happens when elected representatives believe THEY know better what others need than those others KNOW they need. It’s also clear that the general public, in ways both large and small, can figure out a “system” and how to exploit its weaknesses.

After all, there are a whole lot more of us than there are of them (and their associated bureaucrats, who often ALSO believe they know better- like Public Health official right now that seem to have this notion that the Divine Right of Kings has been passed on to them). And on our side, there are generally folks who are MUCH smarter than those in Government.

But whoever thought THIS would happen? Reformatted, emphasis mine

In November, a California judge ruled that any action the state might take to prevent strip clubs from “being allowed to provide live adult entertainment” during the COVID pandemic would be a violation of the owners’ and dancers’ First Amendment rights. At the same time, the identical argument about First Amendment rights fell on dead ears when framed by houses of worship. Churches, mosques, and synagogues were forced to remain closed. “Apparently, sinful activity has more rights than godly pursuits,” PJ Media’s Rick Moran wrote at the time.

Given that California is a One Party State and that Party is the one that booed God during its 2012 Convention, and this last convention lifted up the non-religious, who should be surprised at the correct observation by Moran. Which, having identified “the system” gave rise to the ability of a bright person to exploit the new definition (after all, that’s what Saul Alinsky did, he of the Rules for Radicals, didn’t he?). And someone did!

Now one shrewd cleric in the Golden State has come up with a way to turn this idiotic double standard on its head. Greg Jarrett reports:

Godspeak Calvary Chapel pastor Rob McCoy came up with the conclusion to avoid the state’s backward thinking by turning his church into a “strip club” so they could stay open and hold services. McCoy has faced a filing of contempt after having continued in-person services despite a court injunction.

McCoy attributed the idea to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee during his sermon last Sunday. McCoy played a Fox News clip before his sermon of Huckabee saying, “I don’t have a lot of experience with the strip clubs. I do have quite a bit of experience with churches … and I would think it’s ridiculous to say that people are safer in a strip club than they are at church.” Huckabee then quipped churches should “announce their pastor will remove his tie during the sermon, and therefore he will take off an article of clothing making it a temporary strip club so that people will be able to go to church.”

McCoy teasingly engaged “in a clean version of a striptease before taking off the tie” while congregants held up $1 bills. McCoy continued his sermon addressing the persecution of the church under COVID-19.  Presumably — and this is just a guess — those dollar bills ended up in the collection plate.

There once was a time when words actually meant something and people knew what you were and what you did. You know: “a rose by any other name” deal. However, it is because the Progressives have so warped that notion that almost anyone can “identify” as anything they want to be that what happened above could happen. It’s just plain nuts. Now join it with the notion that has risen over the last few decades of “Who are YOU to judge ME???” and anyone should be able to get away with just about anything by using the Left’s Rules of Morality (that they’ve set to tilt the stage to themselves).

My problem is that we are rapidly seeing that the First Amendment’s Free Expression clause (the Right to the Freedom of Religion) is becoming a non-entity in today’s secular word. It shouldn’t be a surprise being that the Party that has turned against God wants to eliminate Him and the worship of Him from the Public Square. During the Pandemic, even here in the Life Free or Die State, Governor Sununu placed hard restrictions on church going while allowing large political protests to happen.

It’s to the point that the animus towards religion is getting to that shown by Communist China – and go ahead, prove me wrong! True, the intensity in China by Xi to shut down Christian Churches is at a fevered pitch even in replacing images of Jesus with his own and mandating that a “corrected” Bible (that happens to support Communist ideals by removing / modifying the parts that are the heart of Christianity) be used in services.

We used to look to and depend on God here in America. Now, since the Progressive era’s start 120 years ago, the emphasis has been to turn from God to Government as the “solution” of all problems, large and small. And how better to hasten that by making it harder to go to church, to be blessed by that spiritual ministering that many of us believe to be as necessary, to be as ESSENTIAL, as oxygen.

Death is not just physical – it can be spiritual as well. And as worship of God is denied, that old phrase of “if you don’t believe in God, you’ll believe in something else”.

I present to you Progressives – at the altar of Government. Who believe they can create a “Heaven on Earth” better than God has up above.

And they’re looking to increase their congregation.

Just like Communist China.

(H/T: Liberty Unyielding)