Prager U - The 1619 Project is Just Another lame Attempt to Rewrite American History. - Granite Grok

Prager U – The 1619 Project is Just Another lame Attempt to Rewrite American History.

1619 Project

I haven’t written a lot about the 1619 Project sponsored by the NYT (writer(s)). The plan was to be as an emphasis to what the Black Lives Matter movement has been (wrongly) preaching. That America has been racist, is racist, and will ALWAYS be racist.

Futher, because most Americans are White, you are guilty of being White because you have Unconscious Bias against minorities (funny, you can’t see it but all those race-baiters certainly can) an inbred desiring of Slavery of others, of being the Oppressors  of anyone else (against the “Oppressed” as defined by Marxist spawned Critical Race Theory, and you’re “Privileged” to boot.

The Year 1619, according to the Project, is said to be the start of America where anyone that knows ANY American history at all knows that our country didn’t start until the Declaration of Independence was sent out. But 1619 was the date in which the first slave ship arrived on our shores – but where slaves and slavery had already existed for centuries before; the “Noble Savages” / indigenous people weren’t always that Noble and tended to be more on the Savage side, but that doesn’t fit the desired Narrative. Slavery has existed since the beginning of Time.

And those slinging this crap that impugns everyone as racist (except for them) are worse than the self-serving TV evangelists asking for more and more to buy the next biggest house and private jet claiming “it’s for the Lord’s work. Or worse than a lot of CongressTwits (but that’s a race to the bottom that I’m not sure who’d win). Anyways, this from Prager U just eviscerates what BLM and the rest of the Hate America Firsters want you to believe.

RedState has this:

But most of all, the 1619 Project wants you to believe that America never stopped being racist. This is complete nonsense and all you need to do to see it look around today. We’ve never been more accepting of each other’s skin colors and we got here after men and women died, marched, and campaigned relentlessly for it.

Frankly, it’s the Progressives that are the most racist of all – they just, lately, don’t want to admit it. And if you hate America, there’s not a lot of better ways to do so than to indoctrinate our kids in this. Want yet another reason to homeschool?

Start checking your kids curriculums AND handouts (especially the electronic ones).

(H/T: RedState)