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Jeanne Dietsch Wonders If Voters Really Wanted What they Wanted – Repeates Points That Lost Her Re-Election

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Democrat Jeanne Dietsch thinks she is smarter than you. I’m sorry, she knows she is. We’ve reported it; she denies that she thinks that, but then she does things that prove she is lying.

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Dietsch ran hard on the NH Democrat party talking points. Local property tax relief by robbing you at the state level. Education control (by robbing you at the state level). Blah blah blah. The things the whole party ran on and on which the entire Democrat party lost.

They all ran on this and lost their majorities at every level of state government.

And she lost. It irks her. She demanded a recount then didn’t show up. When her opponent got more votes at that recount in the first town they checked, she conceded, but not in her smarter-than-you-pointy-head. How dare you!

In an Op-Ed titled ‘Is this what voters wanted?‘ she revisits her campaign for re-election and wonders why you were not smart enough to vote for her (and her Democrat Party peers). Don’t you know what will happen because you voted for Republicans?

It will be awful.

Dietsch regales us with the woes of rising property taxes (increased local control) while leaving out the fact that New Hampshire has one of the lowest total tax burdens in the nation. Like, every year.

Kiplinger – Most tax-friendly
Business Insider – 50th lowest out of 51
WalletHub – 45th lowest out of 50

Her whole piece is like this. A regurgitation of every speech she probably gave on the campaign trail, letters to the editor, or aped talking point by supporters, donors, or advocates.

She’s re-running for a race she lost on the things that cost her the election. But not just Dietsch. The whole Democrat State Party ran on these things and lost.

Long story short, New Hampshire voters are actually a lot smarter than you think. They know revenues will be tight. They also know Republicans will cut state spending and business taxes to stimulate commerce, which increases tax revenue.

They know that Democrats will do the opposite. They will raise business taxes (y’all ran on that), add a broad base tax (y’all ran on that) while adding more taxes, fines, fees, and other levies to address the revenue shortfall. To replace money lost to balance the budget. And to make the government bigger.

And that’s not very smart.

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The reason revenues are down is because State Government, cheerleaded by Democrats, closed businesses (some for good) and limited commerce.  Employers and employees paid a high price. I think they figured; we paid now it’s the State’s turn.

Democrats would make them pay again and again. They put the government before the people. Republicans running for the legislature did the opposite, at least on the campaign trail, and they appear poised to keep at least a few of those promises.

They put people before the government.

So, yes, Jeanne Dietsch, this is what voters wanted. And while you may be smarter than a lot of people, they’ll be better off for it even if you still can’t figure out why Democrats voted in “record numbers” for Biden and Shaheen but left state-level Democrats out in the cold.

You’re not alone on that last point. We’re all wondering about that as well. Why didn’t those Democrats lose too?