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Global Warming Bad News Bears, Sea Ice, and Climate Cult Narratives

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Imagine an animal rights activist telling you that black bears eating trash in New England neighborhoods were a sign of global warming. It’s actually a sign of people leaving trash out and bears discovering how much easier it is to find food. But that’s not how the narrative works.

The narrative fuels the big lie. Like the polar bear clinging to (sitting on) a piece of sea ice surrounded by seawater surrounded by more sea ice, but you don’t get to see the latter.

Or, years of whining about rising seas and then the Obama’s (president and Mrs.) drop 11 million on a sea-level “home” (valued at 14 mil) on a tiny island – welcomed by other wealthy left-wing shoreline dwellers, just around the corner from the place where activists talk about building walls to keep the ocean at bay.

Or, gobs of private money on “risky” things like this.

So back to the bears.

Sir David Attenborough, the naturalist (becasue he makes sh*t up so naturally?), has long been a conduit for polar bear tall tales like these Netflix/Attenborough faked bear deaths. Like black bears, polar bears can be convinced to follow the dark and easy path and eat human garbage rather than work for their food.

Last year in December (above), some bears were feeding at Ryrkaypiy’s garbage dump and wandering around town after being displaced from feeding on walrus carcasses by bigger, stronger bears on the nearby point.

They’re back, and the locals have been able to bear it becasue the bears have been peaceful. Seeing an opportunity to pimp the narrative, the narrative mules have declared that they are back because of sea ice loss caused by global warming. But there’s plenty of sea ice—more than enough.

The problem appears to be that there are more bears (and some natural seal deaths leaving carcasses nearby that attract them.

Now think back to the iconic photo of the polar bear and cub “clinging” to the piece of sea ice. The narrative was that the bears were in danger, and humans living comfortable energy-affordable lifestyles were to blame.

That was a different sort of rubbish to push a massive economic transformation away from free markets and capitalism under the guise of saving the planet.

Democrats spend billions but can’t save minorities from poverty or violence. In fact, their policies exacerbate both. So who is dumb enough to think they could save the earth even if it needed saving using a political system historically responsible for more pollution and environmental damage than the one they are trying to replace?

Democrats. But only because they expect to be in charge.

As for black bears, I don’t think anyone is pimping Climate Cult Dogma as an explanation for their new appreciation of domestic comforts. but I would not put it past them. They’ll do or say anything to separate you from your money and your rights.