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Arctic Sea Ice Truth vs. the “Expert’s” Science


Global Warming theory claims that carbon dioxide generated by man-made activity is dooming the planet. The solution is to let the government use your money to pay “scientists” to produce “results” that support this conclusion so politicians can raise taxes and expand government intervention to address the “problem.”

The problem with the problem is not just that the expert opinions have been bought by opportunistic politicians looking to use the weather as an excuse to advance other agendas. It is the idea that the proposed solutions could fix the problem if there was a problem other than one where the government has fixed expert opinion.

Arctic Sea ice is a good example. A picture of a polar bear clinging to a tiny chunk of sea ice sold a lot of people on the idea that the narrative being peddled was real enough to give up power and money to people who exist to rob you of power and money.

That was a lie. So is the idea that the amount of sea ice has anything whatever to do with your decadent western lifestyle or the planet getting any warmer. There is adequate scientific research to suggest that the absence of Arctic ice is more likely to happen during an ice age than not. When warm air shifts north (melting sea ice) it drives cold air south. That cold air produces significantly more snowfall over land which over time creates…ice. Sometimes for ages.

Anyway, that is not the point here. The point is that the experts while perhaps brilliant people are still human and they make mistakes. When you promise them money, relevance, media attention, or even fame they make more mistakes, and happily repeat them to applause all the “beautiful people” who also need to feel relevant.

And sometimes, quite often, they just make mistakes.

During the 70’s when the world was doomed to freeze and starve the experts were convinced that fossil fuels and CO2 were what was driving us into another ice age.

The experts were hyperbolic, mostly because the media gave them attention (because the media is a business that wants to sell its product and get rich like anyone else).

When that all proved to be embarrassingly wrong, the new money went to exaggerate in the other direction. It has ever since been the case. And no matter what happens outside it proves the hypothesis.

That mankind is corruptible and that money and power in the hands of government make that corruption worse.

Which brings me to this. Tony Heller from Real Climate Science, takes a look at NASA’s sea ice data and more importantly what NASA leaves out and why. Because it must. This is not the only example but is set a nice foundation.

Cherry picking informs the ‘science’ of the Climate Cult which still struggles for relevance among the priorities of everyday people who are not experiencing the promised calamities (because they are not happening). We also have scientists who went along with the scam but have since discovered that if you do the “sciency thing” and step outside the bubble of programmed narratives (challenge the conventions) you discover that the ‘science’ is all a fraud. A lie. A scam. A program to justify globalization and the redistribution of the wealth of western nations for the good of kleptocrats.

Global Warming is a UN vanity project conducted out of jealousy to deprive freer nations with greater productivity (and the lifestyle benefits they afford) of the fruits of their labors. It also does a nice job of programming the population to embrace socialism of energy, property rights, even lifestyle. Nearly everything the Marxists in your local, state, or national government could want.

Money. Power. Control. All they have to do is pay a few scientists to make it so with junk science.

Lying about sea ice is only one of their weapons but the way they weaponized it is applied to everything the climate cult does. Tony explains.


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