CDC: Nearly 3% of COVID19 Vaccine Recipients on Dec 18th Required Medical Attention After Injection - Granite Grok

CDC: Nearly 3% of COVID19 Vaccine Recipients on Dec 18th Required Medical Attention After Injection


Life is about tradeoffs. Politicians have traded your natural rights for fearmongering, job destruction, and public-health fascism. Covidism. The belief that declaring a public health emergency gives the state the power to do whatever it wants.

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Too many people have accepted that trade-off.

We have not. Most of our readers won’t. And there are millions nationwide who hold the same belief. Liberty is more important and rarer than life. Given that the odds of surviving this particular flu are over 99% for all but a few (as with every other flu) the fascism is seen as unnecessary and offensive.

The mask mandates. distancing, lockdowns, essential and nonessential this-or-that. It has not slowed the spread but it has ruined lives. And now we’re being corralled into accepting a vaccine to save us from something almost none of us need to fear.

My odds of surviving a positive test are close to 100%.

My odds of getting sick after being injected with the first dose are 2.79%, according to guidance issued by the CDC (Local Original Copy).

NH COVID Vaccine reactions CDC

Of the 112,807 vaccinations recorded on Dec 18, 3150 had reactions that made them “**unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional.”

This is why there is a required observation period after you get the shot. You have to wait and be observed for at least 30 minutes for adverse reactions (it might be 45). So far, folks who had a reaction appear to have had medical care available to help them cope.


I have spoken to several folks who got it and had little to no reaction. A sore arm, which is very common, but nothing else.

If you are over 70 and have a greater than 10% chance of death from COVID19, it is worth the risk. If you are under 60 and have a 99.98+ percentage chance of surviving an actual positive test result and infection, you might want to take a pass.

Those who truly get it find they need a week or two to recover. And this is true of every flu. The point being that you may think the risk of a few days lost from a vaccine is a reasonable trade off.

We believe you have the right. The same as with mask-wearing and distancing and how you run your business or how your customers choose to respond to your choices.

You decide.

With a 3% chance of detrimental side-effects you might decide, Nah, I’m good.

Will your political overlords let you say no?

We’ve reported that NH Emergency Order 76 infers that you do not have a say.

You need to resist if you do not feel you need or want that vaccine.

If you do want it or feel you need it, get it.

Unlike Facebook and their fact-checkers, who are going to lose their minds over my title, we present the data and anecdotal evidence before us. We offer our opinion and let you decide.

There’s a vaccine. You decide.