A Trolling We Shall Go, a Trolling We Shall Go! High Ho the Dairo, a Trolling We Shall Go - "Granite Crock" - Granite Grok

A Trolling We Shall Go, a Trolling We Shall Go! High Ho the Dairo, a Trolling We Shall Go – “Granite Crock”

Granite Crock

Steve was alerted to yet another attempt to try to “takedown” GraniteGrok. I think, over the years, there have been four or five attempts. The problem is, most of these “we’re better than you are” have no idea how hard and how much discipline it takes to actually be successful and build up any kind of readership that sticks around.

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In this case, it is the wonderfully self-named “Granite Crock” (SUCH a well-turned phrase – it’s like NO ONE -other than many NH Progressives – have ever thought of before!).

And productivity! They have it in spades! I noted the following to the other Groksters last night:

Well, it is a RESOUNDING success so far. The website exists only to funnel to their Facebook page and the FB page, since Nov 16, has a total of 6 whole posts. As I also told the other Groksters last night:

Remember, we can easily do that in a morning.  Coupla hours if we really wanted.

30 minutes, actually, if we wanted to play a game with Steve (heh!).

Steve, as Editor, does the vast majority of the scheduling of the posts. I sometimes “help” (er, hinder?) that effort. But yeah, productivity isn’t generally a problem for us like it seems to be like the Granite Crock crew.

Hey readers, go ahead and leave them some “love.” Let them know that we really want them to stick around! Help them out with their FB comment counts!

So far this morning, as of this writing, we already have four Published posts, one In Process (this one, now Scheduled), two more posts Scheduled, and two more posts done and held in reserve.

So it’s not even 9:30 am and we’ve done more than they have since November 16. And that’s before other Groksters start hitting the keyboards.

And their count includes the topmost post that is a “declaration of war” against GraniteGrok:

If you’re interested in contributing to or voting in the Granite Crock monthly contest, sign up to our newslist at our website. The first contest will start after the New Year.

And it leads back to the website’s Contact Page where they do their Email Address harvesting. And yes, I left my email address with this. After all, I have nothing to hide.

And of the six posts on the FB page, only two are actually about anything on GraniteGrok and one is an attempt to discredit a Josiah Bartlett Center post that we crossed posted. Yep, these guys are working it hard – Oopsies!

They list two guys as being involved (one, a high school kid and the other a Democrat operative) but have removed that info from their ABOUT US page.

So, while I have nothing to hide, I guess these two chuckleheads thought better of putting themselves out into the public square.

What’s a matter, boys? Scared of the competition?

It is clear that Jeanne Dietsch was unhappy with us for the idiocy she got herself into by saying that Parents are too stupid to homeschool their own children and we should all just hand them over to Government schools.

I think she’s kinda behind this. After all, on the FB page, the RELATED PAGES has her (formerly official) NH Senator FB page topmost.

I’ve been told that she’s independently wealthy – more power to her by enriching herself via our Capitalist system who then turns Socialist (being an Amy Klobuchar supporter, make no mistake, Amy is not the “middle of the road” Democrat she tried to make herself out to be). It may well that she’s bankrolling this effort because of how we’ve been Conserva-splaining things to her (and her brother).

If so, she ought to be taking a page out of Trump’s book when people perform miserably: “You’re Fired!” (just like the voters fired her).

So, again, I left my email on the site. I also decided to leave this as a post last night:

Hmm, are you having a hard time creating content?  We Groksters can come over and help y’all – just ask!

We LIKE helping people!

I guess that riled them up a bit – like every good Progressive or Progressive group, they want to be able to dish it out but can’t take it themselves – it has already been deleted. C’mon Jeanne, don’t you like the debate? Don’t you like Free Speech? Or are you of the Political persuasion that most Progressives are -> “we MUST Silence those that disagree with us”?

Thanks for fulfilling a prophecy I made last night: The one just now will be deleted by tomorrow. But they will know we know….heh!

This is going to be a fun time as time progresses FORWARD (see what I did there?).


UPDATE: I forgot – I DO have the unfortunates’ names – it was in a different spot! From their MailChimp eblast:

Time to Stop the Bull!
Are you tired of B.S. from Granite Grok, NH Journal and other partisan press? So are Owen Mortner, former press director for US High-School Dems, and Dan Dong, the state’s youngest candidate for state rep, and I. To give voice to those who want to debunk the bull, we created GraniteCrock.org as a platform with a monthly award to those who defuse falsehoods, calumny and mis-information with the most grace and humor. Join below to submit, read and/or rate posts. Interested in joining our leadership team? Write us.

Owen Mortner and Dan Dong. Let’s see whatcha got, ok?

Please also note that “Write us“. I guess I was right about who is bankrolling this effort: info@jeannedietsch.org

As I said, this is gonna be amusing.