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What the Hell Happened in NH?


You may be riding the sugar-high of Republican’s cleaning House in New Hampshire at the State level. It’s a nice feeling. And the prattle about unity and advancing a Republican agenda (or rolling back the Democrat one) are cute. I’ll believe it when I see it. And we’d better see it because we may not get another chance.

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The numbers from this election are weird.

Blue Blow-outs at the Federal level and a Red Wave beneath it. Read John Christie’s “A Little Red State with a Big Blue Crown – Prologue” to start on that.

For our purpose today, Drew Cline breaks most of the NH numbers I’m about to discuss here. But his piece did not have room to explore the one thing that troubled me most.

If we believe the results, Independents and Democrats broke hard for a top-down oppressive Federal program. Some of that 19th-century green new deal transportation combined with oppressive Soviet-Era economic feudalism. All while strongly backing low taxes, economic liberty, local control, and smaller government at the state level.

That’s a bit too strange not to think something’s wrong, broken, or fraudulent. And the registration numbers make matters worse.

Consider this from Josiah Bartlett. “As of the September primaries, there were 998,537 registered voters in the state.”

I assume this includes some non-resident out-of-state tuition-paying students, transient campaign staffers, lost souls who wander in from MA and VT, and other vote criminals. But not all of them. And that is still a big number in a state with 1.359 million people in it.

If we round up total registrations to a cool million – and I expect it’s more – removing about 256,000 below legal voting age, this leaves 103,000 “residents” of New Hampshire who are not registered to vote.

That is an unheard-of level of participation

And, what can we make of who is registered to which party?  According to Cline, “Democrats had 324,778 registered voters in September to Republicans’ 303,057. (Undeclared registrations were 370,702.)”

Those numbers will be larger after same-day and other new registrants since the September primary, but that only makes the percentage of registered residents larger. The number of those not registered, ever smaller. The level of participation ever closer to 100%.

Of those new registrants (since 2016), “an additional 53,323 Granite Staters registered as Democrats. Republicans gained just 7,370 new voters. Another 18,718 people registered as undeclared.”

53,323 more registered Democrats.  That might explain the Federal blue wave at the top of the ticket but the Republican Statewide wave beneath it?

How many people went out to vote for President and Congress but had no enthusiasm for Democrats at the state level. Or, as I have suggested, something’s not right.

To be fair, I don’t pay that much attention to year over election year numbers. But I do not recall anything anecdotally similar since I started blogging in 2008.

We typically see the top and bottom go together like in 2010. And while I’m not complaining about the Republican majorities yet – any future complaints will be entirely up to their action or inaction – the math on repeats of that phenomenon (Blue top red bottom) is not favorable. So, when I said at the start that we’d better roll back the Democrat’s agenda at the state level and secure some liberty for our posterity, I meant it.

Especially if Biden’s claim to victory somehow holds up. Republicans will need to push back against Dems across New Hampshire and from DC. A problem exacerbated by the registration and turnout numbers.

The Republican wave is not a guaranteed thing and repetition is unlikely.

The Democrat virus is poisoning the New Hampshire advantage. If we cannot find a cure, we will lose the patient, which will be the end of it. If that is the case, you have two years to check boxes on the bucket list: Republican governor, Republican legislature.

Get it done or forever hold your peace. Or, figure out what the hell happened in November of 2020, and if the top-ticket Democrat wave was a fraud, fix it.