So, trying to pull a "Doug Scamman" in the US House? - Granite Grok

So, trying to pull a “Doug Scamman” in the US House?


For those of you who don’t remember, Doug Scamman was a RINO who served in the NH House for 13 terms. He was Speaker of the NH House from 1986 to 1990 and 2004 to 2006. His greatest feat was to be elected to the Speaker, not by the Republicans, but essentially by the Democrats.

I understand that “political debt” was paid in full afterward.

Might we now see a modified “reverse” version of that in Congress at the US House?

RealClearPolitics has the current US House race as Dems at 220 (a majority is 218) and Repubs at 208: -7 and +8 respectively. However, six races are still to be decided: 3 R leading, 1 D leading, and 2 tie. For purposes of discussion, let the leads stay and the Parties split the ties. That works out to 222 Dem and Rs at 212. Consider:

  • Progressive Socialists want Pelosi out. Younger Dems want her out (at 80 years old, along with her leadership team also in their 80s). They want to take over.
  • The remaining moderates + those still in R leaning districts don’t want the Progressives taking over – they know in two years they’d be toast by association

So, Republicans have several options:

  • Could they peel off 6 Dems to vote for a Republican Speaker in protecting their own re-election self-interest and thereby thwarting the Progressive agenda that will make them complicit (and lose said re-election)?
  • Could the Rs offer up all or some of the R caucus and be “persuaded” to vote for a moderate Dem and thereby thwarting the Progressive agenda and THEN collecting their Political Danegold later?
  • IF the Rs keep the Senate and the R leadership make a deal to play footsies, then have the House Rs vote FOR THE MOST PROGRESSIVE Speaker candidate possible to better set themselves up for 2020? After all, 2 years is an eternity in politics and if they let slip this nugget as to WHY they voted that way, would the base believe them when they say “we made a deal with the Senate to be the blocking tackle; we’re good. And Danegeld Promissory note is still in hand.

Who the heck knows but it is clear that Pelosi and her team are going to be under a lot of pressure.

Sure, she was last time but strong-armed herself out of it. And AOC ended up bowing to the inevitable and voted for Pelosi after all – but that was just after retaking the House.

This time, she lost the House and is even older (and like Biden, starting to babble a bit as well – not a good look).

(H/T: Powerline)