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New Yorker ‘Hands’ Jeffy Toobin His Walking Papers

Jeffrey Toobin

After 27 years with New Yorker Magazine, Jeffrey Toobin has been discharged. Let go. Released. Fired, after adding a new meaning to Zoom Zoom during a conference call a few weeks back.

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Red State curated some Twitter content in response to the leaked New Yorker decision that you will find amusing, but these sum it up.

Brad Slager tweet Jeff Toobin

Toobin is still working for CNN if I’m not mistaken (chief legal analyst) but he took some time off to work through some personal issues. Translation: stay hidden until the news cycle or some other crisis relegates the story into obscurity.

We’ve had a few of those stories and cycles and yet, here we are. Working this sad tale of a 4th column elitist busted for rubbing one out on the live stream. And I’m sure this has come up but just in case.

That can’t have been his first go. How often do we suspect he’s done this while looking at a crowded screen of coworkers. Come to think of it, how many groups of people has Toobin Zoomed? And about whom might he be fantasizing?

It’s not Joe’s hairy legs.

Zoom Zoom.