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God America and our Constitution … Punish Non-Believers?

God, America and our Constitution

God, America and our Constitution used to be worth voting for. In today’s society, reality is often a creation of the media from thin air. Elitist “thought leaders” develop a narrative. Big tech and the media push it. Yes, even if that narrative is false.  This gives the narrative a perception of being true.


People think; if Fox, CNN, ABC and NBC all agree, it must be true, right? Well… no. If we learned nothing else from pre WWII Germany we learned people buy the “Big Lie”.

Media companies are teetering. Print media is dying.  Fox now is also creating false narratives. Biden is the media’s victor in an unsettled election. But he has been their choice. Clearly, there are many irregularities still waiting for resolution. None of the networks are worthy of your trust. Yes, that is true, unfortunately, without regard to what they say. Trust but verify.

The current narrative the networks are running with is Biden wins. The narrative includes an orchestrated effort to downplay all the Election Day irregularities. The media are sweeping it all under the rug. All we are hearing is blanket comments like “but there’s no evidence of widespread fraud in this election.” This is an unsubstantiated denial of the events in progress. It is a position corrosive of confidence in the process.

This election is going to courts. In a legal case, the lawyers don’t present all of their evidence up front. They only provide enough to show probable cause of the commission of a crime. Then the two sides go into the discovery phase. Subpoenas get issued and sworn statements are taken.

Sorting it out

Eventually, people are sworn on a witness stand and cross-examination at trial takes place. Until that has happened, it is simply an expression of bias and preference for the media to dismiss what has happened. The use of broad generalities like, “where’s the proof? I don’t see the proof” makes such reports at best editorials.

The most glaring pieces of evidence showing probable cause appear to be:

  1. Republican poll watchers were not allowed to inspect ballots in at least three battleground states. That is clearly cause for review.
  2. A US Postal Service employee has testified in a sworn affidavit, he and others were instructed by supervisors to back-date late arriving mail-in ballots in Michigan. That is clearly cause for review.
  3. Computer software transferred 6,000 Trump votes to Biden votes in one Michigan County. That same software program was used in every single one of the seven battleground states. This alone warrants a forensic audit of every ballot cast in those states. That is clearly cause for review.

Belief in God, America and our Constitution used to keep us from these types of activity for the most part.

Threats of retribution

There are or maybe many other pieces of evidence this writer has no knowledge of. Communists within Democrat Party are positioning for power. Even before Biden launched his self-proclaimed presidency the Marxist mouthpieces of the Democrat Party started calling for retribution against Trump supporters.

AOC was on Twitter calling for a list to be kept of those deserving to be banned from having jobs. Americans need to think about the effect of such calls. So what do we expect next? Will there be yellow star of David patches for Trump supporters to wear? Are the Marxists readying show trials?

If we are going to cancel people for their political beliefs; how soon until people begin disappearing? Are the FEMA camps going to be where we go unaccounted for? Nothing is out of the question. These people are hardcore leftist. We are very close to giving them the reins of power. Nothing is too horrible to imagine and prepare for.

And AOC isn’t alone. Remember, Robert Reich? He was Labor Secretary under President Obama. He’s calling for the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. That’s the Marxists’ version of the Thought Police. It would be used to decide what “acceptable speech” is and what it is not. Goodbye First Amendment. What today passes for Democrat leadership spits on God, America and our Constitution. It threatens to punish people for their heresy to political dogma.

Talking the talk isn’t walking the walk

Biden is calling for unification behind his leadership as he says he will knock down the 400 miles of border wall that Trump has built. Open borders are his policy. Nobody asked him in the campaign how you can be President of the United States if there are no borders? So, what are the boundaries of your country Mr. Open Borders President? Do Canada and Mexico accept being part of your dominion?

The Biden policy makes the entire country a sanctuary nation for illegal alien criminals. Biden plans confiscation of weapons from law-abiding Americans. Kamala Harris says if elected she would advocate banning certain weapons by executive order. We don’t need no freaking constitution.

Fox News’ has sold out conservatives. This may be the beginning of purges. They are coming if Biden-Harris actually gets to inauguration. You will see many Republicans run from Trump and America-first policies. The policy positions Trump took proved to be not only good policies for Americans, good economics but also good politics.

People, even millions of Democrats and people of color, liked them. Why? Because those policies actually improved their lives. What a concept, right? Trump declined to take control over them and treat them like children as the Marxists have done and will do.

Action and initial reaction

It is activist Marxists masquerading as Democrats who hate Trump. They appear to have been able to convince the uninformed Democrats he is a racist, bad person who needs to go. Our job is to stand strong. We must try to educate as many of the low-information voters as possible.

We must share the love of God with them. That is a good place to start. Let the world know that we are the decent ones, the peaceful ones. Peaceful protests have often prevailed. Look at how the Polish people prevailed over their communist captors in the 1980’s. They believed in their God. They believed in their right to live as free people. There was no backing down in the face of unbelievable threats to their peace and security.

Communists are vicious people. They will not ultimately prevail against us. We have truth, and the truth, is on our side. We must never cower to the intimidation of these brazen loud mouth communists. There are 70 million strong Americans in our camp. If ever there was a time to unite in our love of God, America and our Constitution, it is now.