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Georgia Backtracks on Certifying Election Results

Peaches - Georgia

Rumors that Georgia has certified its recount results are (apparently) greatly exaggerated. Yes, they did come out and say, Georgia is for Joe, but then they came back and said, wait a minute, no it’s not. Not yet. Maybe. Um…what the heck is going on down there with the peaches?

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It’s a lot like Wayne County, Michigan. Yes, no, yes, wait!

If we were talking about consensual sex, well, right now, the deal is off. She said no. But she might say yes, just keep your pants on. And that’s hard to do while showing people your ass. But they’re doing it in Georgia.

His office then stumbled on the final step, prematurely announcing that the certification was complete while only unofficial results remained on the public website. Forty minutes after the big news, the secretary of state’s office corrected its news release and said the results would be released later.

Later, as in before or after the new legal challenges, vote-counters are on tape counting Trump votes for Biden.

Integrity is an issue. Transparency is an issue. And we’ve been saying for months that the plan was to destroy confidence in elections. That’s done on the right. If the result of these challenges is a second Trump term, the Left will be there too.

Fearmongering the virus to make a case for mail-in balloting (universally views as a great way to engage in fraud)  worked. But I think there was another point to Democrats (who had bad-mouthed vote-by-mail publicly in the past) demanding it. To hide or cloud electronic fraud.

The plan for most if not all of the Trump years has been to use corrupted machines to flip votes and steal the election if all other avenues failed. Plan C, or D, or E, or ZZ, depending on how many lies you thought would end the Trump era.

The mess of vote by mail was supposed to distract us from their digital theft. But it looks like – if Powell and others are correct – the turnout for Trump was bigger than the left expected (again). It made what would have been subtle hacks to flip votes appear impossibly obvious.

Even Democrats are head-shaking Biden getting more votes than Obama, and they should. But they won’t say boo unless they voted Trump, and the Left is steamrolling ahead as if nothing is amiss.

Everything is, and they know why, and they did it. If they get away with it, Americans can give up voting because there will be no confidence left to have. Democrats will implement a national strategy to ensure the right machines and software are always in the right places to ensure the one-party-state.

Georgia may not know it, nor may Wisconsin, or Michigan, or Pennslyvania, Arizona, or Nevada, but this is about more than badly counted mail-in ballots. It is about the end of America as even a semi-functional Constitutional Republic.