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[Update 2 ] Michigan County Won’t Certify Election – State Likely to Follow?

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Wayne County, Michigan, which includes Detroit, has refused to certify its election results. We covered the issue last week. A 78-page lawsuit was filed alleging rampant fraud in the county. If it is deemed widespread, the entire state will not certify the results, meaning MI did not “go for Joe.”

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No hanging chads history buffs, we’re talking digital espionage, ignoring state election laws, fake ballots, and just about every other sort of fraud you can imagine.

The resolution to a soiled Presidential election falls to the state and its legislature. They may choose to not certify electors because they can’t – corrupted election – or they can choose electors however they please.

While Frau Whitmer is the Governor of Michigan the legislature is majority Republican.

[update after Publication] Wayne County has apparently certified the results after 4 dissenting members stopped dissenting. I wonder how that discussion went.

Interesting. Of course, the state still has to seat the electors and there are legal challenges that abound so…

[Update2] “The two Republicans on Michigan’s Wayne County Board of Canvassers claimed in signed affidavits Wednesday that they were bullied into siding with Democrats and have now rescinded their votes to certify.”

According to reports, the two Republicans were in part agreeing to certify if the Michigan Secretary of State did an audit. After agreeing to certify the secretary of state said, well, that’s not binding. I don’t have to do an audit – so the Republicans rescinded their votes to certify.

We’re back where we started when I first wrote the piece.


Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly has Sidney Powell to provide insight and updates on this and all the other issues related to the mounting evidence. Vote switching, foreign influence, whistleblowers, the latest as of yesterday, here, from Newsmax TV.


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