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Destroying Society Won’t Stop COVID

COVID worship

A funny thing happened on the way to the second lockdown. Someone realized that COVID didn’t give a rat’s ass about your masks and distancing. That’s probably because, as we’ve reported ad nauseum, neither of those does a damn thing.

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Your imposition of militant mask mandates and dopey distancing proves it. Didn’t do squat.

It’s a virus that people will get, and it might suck or it might not. A small number of us are at very high risk, and those people need to be careful. But even a vaccine, any vaccine, will be of little real help in the end.

Another false sense of security whose purpose is to give politicians a scapegoat.

Having lived more than 50 years and gotten or not gotten the Flu vaccine – depending on the year or years in some cases – I can tell you that neither had anything to do with whether or not I got the flu. It had nothing to do with the mildness or severity when I got it – meaning I have examples for any point on the spectrum, short of near-death.

From nothing to a sniffle to a week in bed with chills and fever.

I didn’t die because I was otherwise healthy, active, and engaged (except in these rare instances, I was bed-ridden) – things that naturally increase immune response. Being active, working, exercise, mental engagement, and challenge improve your immune response.

Masks can’t stop a virus, and everyone’s scientists know that. Distancing is a fantasy theory from a 14-year old’s high school science project and has no basis in truth. Flu vaccines are hit or miss, and other factors ultimately determine their value. But confining people and limiting activity will make them more susceptible, more vulnerable, and not just from the flu.

Lockdowns, curfews, limiting their ability to interact in person is probably the worst thing you can do to healthy people if you don’t want them to get the flu during flu season.

You are forcibly lowering their natural immune response, but you are also lowering everything else that matters to them in their life. Making them even more vulnerable to other vectors, including issues with physical and mental health, economic well-being, drug, alcohol, and domestic abuse.

These all make them more susceptible to the thing from which you claim to be protecting them.

Your political response is making them sick and ill.

The only cure, the vaccine, if you prefer, is freedom. Letting them choose what the risk means to them and their families and allowing them to live (or not) because destroying society will not stop COVID. It will just destroy society.

And yes, we intend to continue documenting your complicity in that for posterity.

Your crimes against humanity.