New Study Claims Global Warming Kills Coronavirus - Granite Grok

New Study Claims Global Warming Kills Coronavirus

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It’s time to roll back RGGI and tell TCI to go pound sand (again). That’s right. All the crying, screaming, and delirium over the state of nature – or more specifically the fantasy of our impact upon it and the lefts demands to mitigate that – make the Coronavirus Happy!

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A new study revealed that Coronavirus could never survive outside a body in a warmer world. And in case you doubt the source of the reporting, it’s AccuWeather.

According to the researchers’ findings, “High temperature and high relative humidity significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19.” An increase of just one degree Celsius and 1% relative humidity increase substantially lower the virus’s transmission, according to the data analyzed by the researchers.

In other words, assuming any of the garbage the left has been peddling for decades were true (they believe it), this is all their fault. On a warmer globe, this thing doesn’t stand a chance.


| AccuWeather