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Data Point – US House Races.



    • Ahead of the 2020 election, Cook listed 27 races as “toss-ups,” meaning they were too close to predict one way or the other. Republicans won all 27.
    • Despite being assured that conservatism was about to drown beneath an impending “blue wave,” Republicans won every single close race.

    • Republicans also won all 26 races deemed “leaning or likely Republican,”
    • Even picked up 7 of the 36 seats listed as “leaning or likely Democrat.”
    • Republicans poised to pick up more seats, as they lead in 8 of the remaining 13 races.

And a question from that post:

How many state and federal races were impacted by incorrect polling that showed stronger support for Democrats than actually existed? Think of the donors who refrained from giving to a candidate because the polls indicated that the race was already over. How many candidates missed out on key endorsements or support from outside entities because they were viewed as a lost cause?

They won’t take control of the House but these pickups may have lost Nancy Pelosi her Speakership.

(H/T: Daily Wire)