Trump Tests Positive for COVID19 - Liberals Will Show You Their A**! So, Take 'Pictures' - Granite Grok

Trump Tests Positive for COVID19 – Liberals Will Show You Their A**! So, Take ‘Pictures’

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The President and First Lady have tested positive for COVID19. We wish them well and expect this will mean almost nothing medically, but it will mean something politically. And you may never get an opportunity like this again. So, don’t let it go to waste.

The army of unhinged leftists in your state, in my case New Hampshire, will show you their ass. Take “pictures.” They can’t help themselves, so Screengrab everything they say on social media and send it to Skip or Steve.

Let Democrats use their right to free expression to show how rotten they are inside. I can assure you, with few exceptions, they will not disappoint.

As to the matter of the positive test, a very odd October Surprise!, and (as you know), we have a very low opinion of the testing and results for most of America. It seems likely the White House has better tests. And they will keep testing. But just a few weeks before the election?

What effect does this have on campaigning? Planned events or any public events. Does the RNC shift gears and escalate other forms of attack and response?

How will the president’s plans change?

I doubt this will slow him down much. And I expect he will continue to work hard, do his job and continue to run for re-election.

We need him to win and win big.

Please do not see this as a setback; view it as an opportunity. Unhinged leftists are cheering. Let them. But be a citizen journalist and capture them at their worst. They will not disappoint. Then send it to Granitegrok. Please share it in local social media spaces.

Do not let this (for lack of a better word) crisis go to waste.