Maj Toure - Black Guns Matter: "Gun control is about people control. It’s not about safety" - Granite Grok

Maj Toure – Black Guns Matter: “Gun control is about people control. It’s not about safety”

Maj Toure All Gun Control is Racist

Black Guns Matter is a three-year-old effort to educate the urban demographic on their right to self-defense and the process in place to exercise it. Working as liaisons for this conservative-liberty message BGM promotes and instructs individuals and families on Second Amendment rights and firearms training and safety.

Maj Toure grew up in inner-city Philadelphia. He is taking that experience and working in other urban communities to explain both the constitutional right and the responsibility that comes with owning a firearm. He also understands what gun control is all about.

“Gun control is about people control. It’s not about safety. It’s not about making Americans safer. It’s not about respecting our freedoms. It’s about taking large percentages of American populations—urban centers; urban metropolises; New York City, 8.5, sometimes 9 million people—and telling them they do not have the right as stated in the Second Amendment to defend their lives. Our organization is there to push that back and the education and the understanding is how we do it.”

New Hampshire’s original motivation to license anyone with a firearm was an open act of discrimination. A determined action to keep ‘minority’ populations disarmed. This leaves them helpless victims to illegal acts of intimidation and violence. Incapable of resisting any form of tyranny. A template duplicated in almost every major urban area run by the Left even today.

Inner-City Conservatism

Places that Maj suggests are actually centered on conservative values.

The first thing is, you have to understand that most of urban America is conservative in their values, they just don’t know what the conservative movement is. That’s one.

Two, you have to have liaisons. We’ve been doing this work for three years already. The left has done a much better job at presenting conservative ideology than the right has. And then presenting it in a negative fashion. So because of that, urban environments do not trust you. They do not trust the conservative movement for the most part. You have to have liaisons.

The Daily Signal has a short interview with Maj here (Audio and Text).

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