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Please Welcome Sec. of State John Kerry’s Family to China Joe’s Hunter Biden Money Ball

Trump gave up luxury for country biden gave up country for Luxury

Christopher Heinz, former Sec. of State John Kerry’s stepson, was a principal partner alongside Devon Archer and Hunter Biden. He is best known for bowing out on a deal in Ukraine he thought might compromise his stepdad. It appears to have all been for show.

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But then we knew or suspected that.


Internal BHR documents show exactly how the Chinese military contractor was able to disguise its ownership via shell corporations and formed a joint-venture with the son of the vice president to facilitate the Chinese takeover of an American dual-use technology supplier.

Additional documents suggest that Hunter Biden’s Chinese-backed venture funneled money to an entity controlled by Vanessa Kerry, the daughter of then-Secretary of State John Kerry, just one month before CFIUS approved the takeover. At the time, Secretary Kerry played a lead role on the Obama-Biden CFIUS committee.


The success of this transfer of technology to our enemies and money to Cooney (now in prison) Archer (going to prison) and Biden’s and Kerry’s (oh, my!) the plan was to do it as fast and as often as they pleased. You can read the emails here.

Another piece in the China-Biden puzzle that ropes in the Kerry’s. Another powerful Democrat Senator with oversight as Secretary of State, whose family appears to have leveraged, alongside the Bidens (all under the nose of the collusion-conscious Obama Administration – that’s a joke) the pillaging of America to her enemies in change for cash.

Democrats. Yeah, we want them in charge again. Not.