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Our Founding Fathers Deserve Praise for the Good They Did

It’s not slavery that hurts Americans today; slavery was outlawed 155 years ago. Americans should feel proud that our founders stated in our country’s first official document the (Judeo-Christian) principle that “all men are created equal.”

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We fulfilled that principle and ended slavery at the cost of about 400,000, mostly white, lives.

Slavery was a normal, legal, worldwide practice for many millennia. People of every race enslaved people of every race. Blacks in Africa first enslaved the people who were eventually sold in America to both white and Black slave owners.

All signers, including the slave owners, of our Declaration of Independence, acknowledged that liberty is an “unalienable Right” of all people.

America’s slave-owning founders were no greater hypocrites than many current Americans whose actions don’t match their beliefs/statements. For example, despite knowing it’s wrong, people still drive too fast, text while driving, and drink and drive. Some rich people, like multi-millionaire Joe Biden, claim the rich should pay more taxes yet they work to minimize their own taxes.

Our Founding Fathers deserve praise and remembrance for the good they did; just as we hope to be remembered for the good we do, not our personal failings.
While most American Blacks don’t live in poverty, some are millionaires and billionaires, some are stuck in poverty; to help them we must solve their current problems.

Escaping poverty requires a decent job. Bad schools create uneducated and unskilled workers who compete for jobs with millions of illegal aliens who take jobs and depress wages. Typically a decent K-12 education or experience is needed for better jobs but students from poor families often have no alternative to their assigned, often bad, public schools. Democrat politicians exacerbate these problems by demanding open borders, providing sanctuary for illegal aliens (including violent criminals), tolerating bad schools, and opposing school choice.

Many poor people live in dangerous neighborhoods because of inadequate policing. But many Democrat politicians are yielding to rioter’s demands to defund the police which will make dangerous neighborhoods more dangerous.

Unable to earn decent incomes, get decent educations, and live in safety, many people become hopeless. This hopelessness has been exacerbated by the injuries and killings of Blacks, and the destruction of many black neighborhoods caused by the recent riots that Democrat mayors permitted, and many Democrats essentially encouraged.

The problems resulting in Black poverty have been caused or ignored by Democrat, including black Democrat, politicians for decades.

If you want to help poor Black Americans and give them hope, then vote for school choice, a growing economy, and law and order; to help poor Black Americans, you must vote for Republicans.