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NH State Rep Hints at Scrapping the Constitution and Starting Over

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Name the nations that have not only lifted more people out of poverty (in the scope of human existence) but have allowed them to choose not just what that means but how to get there. It is a short list at the top of which sits America.

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It may even stand alone, which makes it that much more exceptional.

The foundation for this unique gift to humanity is the US Constitution. A document that laid the groundwork. The idea that people came before the State. That natural rights were not granted by the government but by our creator. And that men might form a government to protect those rights.

Democrats have a different idea about the relationship. They think the government grants rights and can deny them arbitrarily, based on their political agenda. Socialism decides for you often against your will.

You do little or nothing without a by your leave from the ruling class. And that, based on this tweet, is something Dover New Hampshire Democrat Sherry Frost would like us to consider.


Sherry Frost Scrap the Constitution


If you are not sure that is what she means, spend some time on her Twitter feed. It won’t take long. Frost is all-in on BLM and Antifa. She is a cultural Marxist and Politically socialist. She is New Hampshire’s AOC without any of the money or influence.

And she can say crazy things because, like Nancy Pelosi, she lives in a protected district. Dover is a Left-Wing ghetto. Where a Democrat’s odds of losing are slim to none, but that does not mean there is no risk for the rest of them.

Frost, in the safety of her liberal-womb, is saying what Democrats in not-so-safe districts believe. As a caucus, on all the issues important to Sherry Frost, the Democrat majority New Hampshire House hive-mind voted together more than just often. There are very few examples where they were not 97% or more in agreement.

In other words, Sherry Frost is saying what they all believe but can’t say because the idea of scrapping the constitution would turn off undecided voters and centrist-Republicans.

She believes in limiting speech, assembly, and in guilt until you are proven innocent.

Violence is always an option, mob justice is acceptable when it’s her mob, and riots are protests when they advance Left-wing aims.

Almost every elected New Hampshire Democrat agrees with this. More than a few areas bold. And they would love to scrap our state and federal Constitution and start over. They don’t care for it, most don’t pay any attention to it now, and when they must, it is because it has gotten in their way.

That is Ms. Frost’s New Hampshire and her America. That is the Democrat party’s vision for our state and nation.

Rights they define and enforce.

If you’ve paid any attention at all to America in 2020, that’s their promise, your future, unless you step up and say no.

The Constitutional protects you from the musings of people like Sherry Frost and the Democrats who vote as she does. And you should believe them when she says that people scrapping a constitution may be on to something.