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Lions and Tigers and…crap, I Got a Bear Around Here

Black Bear

Ah, a function of living in rural NH next to LOTS of conservation land. I guess the little cub we saw a few years ago has grown up. A lot! Really, crap. Bear scat. Didn’t notice it until this morning when I had to go retrieve the bag of trash I spotted in the woods last night.


Last night, we were startled by the sound of our trash can getting slammed around onto the street out front. I went as quickly as possible because I thought it was a human-based activity given the political signs at the end of my driveway.

Norms sign - warning to Jim Babcock 2

It happened first last week when both cans were dumped all over the road and my neighbor across the street (who also has a political sign out front) had his dumped as well. I thought “ok, animals” simply because of where we live. But given the kinds of reports we’ve been getting on political signs getting destroyed or stolen (here), when it happened a second time and this time, only at my house, I figured that someone was having a bit of “fun” in leaving the signs along but causing a bit of “misery” by forcing me to pick up the trash on the street and woods.


Last week, picked up both our and our neighbor’s mess. This week, just ours was hit. I had noticed that my neighbor was outside as well – near his garage  – but his barrels weren’t out yet. We called over and the Mrs. explained that the Mr., when THEY had heard the noise, had also gone out to see who caused it and saw the bear running to the back of our detached garage after we flipped our outdoor lights on.

So, I was wrong in assuming (literally) dirty political tricks. It’s just a dirty bear.

A BIG bear, according to the neighbor.

TMEW and I agreed that the trash had to be picked up right then but she wanted me armed. Hearing that, and that it was a big black bear and not a human, I immediately said “I’m gonna need a bigger caliber” just in case. But left the trash in the woods to sit there until morning

Guess I have to be much more careful letting the dogs out for their final “do your business” at night even though they are on a wire run.

Now there’s a thought – can we put political sign molesters and thieves on permanent runs surrounded by trash? Out here in the rural areas? They can make friends, can’t they?