Left Loses Hive Mind Over "Unscientific" Snap Poll Showing Trump Won Debate 74-24 - Granite Grok

Left Loses Hive Mind Over “Unscientific” Snap Poll Showing Trump Won Debate 74-24

WGN News 9 Chicago Debate Poll

In a post-debate poll the results were, well, according to the Washington Post, reliable polls say Biden won. You mean reliable like the Washington Post (WP) because that’s been proven false by independent fact-checkers.

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The WP hot-take was actually after the September rodeo. A Telemundo poll had Trump rocking China Joe’s world. The thought of losing the Hispanic vote, after “all that they’ve done”…makes Dem Loco. The reliable State media made sure we got the skinny. Nothing to see here; move along.

This time around, what does it say on the back of the shampoo bottle? Use liberally, rinse, lather, and repeat. This poll – which is just folks offering a knee-jerk impression (as opposed to, say, rioting or maybe jerking something else) – has Trump blowing Quid Pro off the map 74-24.


This means nothing. Continue to stuff those envelopes; this election is in the (mail) bag. It’s nothing like 2016 – except that it’s worse than 2016.

The anti-Trump-climate-change since the last quadrennial sh*t-show has ‘warmed’ considerably. In part thanks to the fires the registered Democrat looters set. It’s a Left-Wing urban renewal project. No worries, Joe plans to make you pay for that too.

He’ll call it Mobs Create Jobs!

A side-effect of which is that more than ever, people are keeping their opinions to themselves except when confronted by Militant mobs demanding you put down your burger and pledge allegiance to them. Folks in the mostly white middle, peace be upon them who are afraid to stick their heads out of the trench – even for a burger. But it’s not just them. Ask Telemundo. Blacks and Hispanics and women and even gays are in the trench too.

We are all in this together, just not the way the left likes to think.

You’re not black! Says China Joe, if you don’t vote for me! The same goes for all the other colors and genders in the rainbow. Keep your head down, or they cancel you. Maybe burn your house down.

The result of that is this. No one should be printing “Spoiler Alert China Joe Wins” T-Shirts. Though I do feel we missed an opportunity to sell the branded Hidin’ with Biden wall-mounted manacle to his subterranean legion of keyboard tapping doomsayers (fur lining is extra). Toss in a “Biden went to China, and all I got was a crappy T-Shirt” Tee (only available in red). They can spill freshly microwaved Hot Pocket drool on it while reminding us that the WGN Snap! Poll is not scientific.

Neither is actual scientific polling, a truth bomb set to go off by morning November 4.

Of course, winning isn’t truly the goal, but only a few Billionaires and Millionaires in the party’s upper echelon know that. They’ll take the win but destroying election integrity is the goal. Undermining faith in the system is the target. And on that point, their aim appears good.

If a few bottom feeders in the political food chain lose it like Biden, the Party Elders won’t bat an eye. But that won’t stop them from spinning them up to loot and burn. It’s what gets them out of the basement, but only after dark. Biden’s blood-sucking parasites don’t care for truth or light.