Biden Debate Accomplishment: Wrecks His Party's Narrative About the Dignity of the Office - Granite Grok

Biden Debate Accomplishment: Wrecks His Party’s Narrative About the Dignity of the Office

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When President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to be the next Justice on our Highest Court, he wrecked a Lefty narrative. That women need abortion to protect their careers or their future. Last night Job Biden wrecked another narrative. That America needed Joe Biden to bring dignity back to the office of the President.

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While we can niggle over the combative nature of the Trump-Biden-Wallace debate, one thing stood out. Joe Biden called the president a liar, a murder, a clown, a racist, and repeatedly told him to shut up.

His base will love that. I’m sure they were hooting, high-fiving (COVID-Restricted), fist-pumping, all while social distancing (of course), but Biden isn’t debating to get their vote. He’s not there to impress them with his mastery of Trump Derangement Syndrome. He needs to appeal to the so-called undecided swing vote.

If being presidential mattered before last night it does not matter now. Joe Biden is not that guy.


The press has done its best to hide the president’s successes and amplify the fake scandals. It has also done yeoman’s work hidin’ Biden’s infirmities and feeding him soft-food questions he can easily chew. But throughout the process, the Left has woven a common thread. The tweets, his behavior, is not presidential.

Last night Joe Biden caught that thread on the corner of his pointed insults and unraveled their sweater.

He is if anything, less presidential, if that matters but he went out of his way to prove it. There was nothing presidential about Joe Biden and plenty that was not.

But look on the bright side, Kamala Harris is no better, and might be worse.