I’m an Independent who DIDN’T Vote for Trump in 2016. I AM in 2020. Here’s why - Granite Grok

I’m an Independent who DIDN’T Vote for Trump in 2016. I AM in 2020. Here’s why.

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You can go back to the primaries in 2016 and see the multiple blogs I wrote about Trump to see exactly WHY I didn’t vote for him back then. And no, I didn’t vote for Clinton or Johnson. You can also go back to 2016 writings and see why I didn’t vote for either of them. I literally wrote in a candidate, for the first time ever, in 2016. In the 2016 presidential election, I wrote in my English Bulldog Tank for president:

Tank for President
I voted for my bulldog in 2016. I’m voting for Trump in 2020.

Mind you, on election night, I celebrated that the heinous Hillary Clinton didn’t win. I had not only organized protests against her but against her disgusting husband as well. Democrats were absolute idiots to nominate her for the spot but that’s par for the course with the Democrat Party.

I don’t like some of the things Trump says. I don’t like some of the things Trump tweets. I can’t repeat the things I say about him when he says or tweets something that is ridiculously outrageous or stupid.

What changed?

The Kavanaugh hearings. While I liked some of Trump’s policies and I DO like that he essentially tells people, especially the leftist media, to PISS OFF, I really didn’t start switching gears until the Democrats displayed their horrific and disgusting behavior during Justice Kavanaugh’s hearings for Supreme Court Justice.

For the first time in my entire life, I actually built a totem and stood at the poll in my town all day because I was so completely ANGRY about what Democrats did to Kavanaugh and his family. I don’t think I had been more disgusted by Democrats before then, not even at Bill Clinton and his enabling wife, even though I protested both of them multiple times.

That was the beginning of my transition from a non-Trump voter (NOT a Never Trumper) to someone who was considering it.

Of course, this was all during the ridiculous ‘Russia collusion’ bullsh*t that Democrats spent millions of our hard-earned dollars pursuing, only to discover that is was the DNC, the Clinton campaign, the Obama Administration and the FBI, who were ACTUALLY colluding with Russians to try and harm Trump.

In fact, Democrats wanted to IMPEACH Trump the minute he got elected. That should tell you everything you need to know about the party of jackasses.

And then of course the rioting and looting happened thanks to ‘Black Lives Matter’ and every Democrat chose to support this Marxist, America-hating, astroturfing organization. It is absolutely disgusting. Bernie supporters were infiltrating community groups and calling neighbors ‘racists’ for not supporting BLM.  For the record, Black Lives Matter ‘rose up’ under the Obama/Biden Administration.

I won’t even get into the bogus predictive models that continue to be launched at us regarding COVID spread and deaths. It’s fearmongering at its finest to see just how far government can control the masses before they finally rise up AGAINST the people seeking to intentionally HARM them with their ridiculous mandates and shut downs.

REMEMBER: It was the Communist Chinese Government who intentionally sent COVID around the world to HARM millions of people. Democrats seem to support the CCP more than they support the United States of America.

It was only recently that I saw a post on social media that shared a long list of ‘Trump Accomplishments’ that I had no idea about. I literally took an entire day to research everything on the list to validate and verify. Everything was true.

It’s not that I agreed with everything, not by any stretch, but some of the things I never heard about and absolutely agreed with.

One of the biggest reasons I am now supporting Trump is the media. The media has spent 4 YEARS ignoring facts; citing ‘unnamed sources’ while publishing bogus stories; and doing everything they could to take Trump down. I got into politics in the first place because the media kept pushing Obama when he had no business being the presidential candidate in 2008. They spent his entire presidency whitewashing his division, derision and failed policies.

The media are the biggest purveyors of hatred, bias, lies, and leftism in this country and probably throughout the world. They, like most Democrats, will lie to your faces and expect you to just believe them. The saying, “if you repeat a lie often enough, eventually people will believe it” is true for many people, unfortunately.

There are many more reasons as well but I’ll try to keep my closing remarks short. I had written this back in September and actually forgot about it until I was looking for something else in my files.

A Biden presidency would bring destruction, more derision and division (they built that under Obama/Biden and the left NEVER STOPPED), and an America that would become unrecognizable. Imagine Kamala Harris as president? Even Democrats didn’t want her because she’s an airheaded extremist who will do anything, literally, to advance her career. Biden won’t last 6 months and that’s their plan.

You may not like some of the things Trump says or tweets or even some of his policies but for God’s sakes, this country WAS. DOING. SO. MUCH. BETTER until the CCP sent their coronavirus to our shores. And Democrats EMBRACED it to intentionally harm as many Americans as possible because they seek to take over the power they lost.

It’s time to recognize that, love him or hate him, Trump HAS done a good job for this country, and the world.