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Gov. Kirsti Noem – Leaders Need to “Know Their Place” and Not “Overstep Their Authority”

Kristy Noem - South Dakota

Our prognostication has long since come to pass. Public Health truly is just another mule for tyranny. And those beasts of burden have names in both political parties, though most are Democrats—people who have no intention of allowing anything to interfere with this exercise of power.

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It’s about Public health, don’t you know. All for the public good. And so was castration and other progressive policy ideas grouped under the term eugenics. It was in the best interests of humanity to weed out undesirables.

You won’t get a leftist to admit to their ideological ancestry, nor will they accept that modern Democrats are no better. But it’s true. And more than a few of these luminaries are registered as Republicans. Quietly doing the Left’s work of making the documents crafted to limit political power trifles of a day gone by.

But not South Dakota Governor Kirsti Noem. She is one of the few ‘leaders’ during this pandemic that grasped our foundational truth. Natural rights are protected first, and it does not matter what you think or want. If the state or federal constitution prohibits that, it is not an option.

She expressed these sentiments in an interview with Cheryl K. Chumley for the Washington Times.  Governor Noem made it clear that political leaders have an obligation to freedom before their compulsion to do things.


“For us,” Noem said, “doing things that are founded by our values, abiding by the oaths that I took to the state Constitution and the U.S. Constitution and recognizing what authorities I do have as governor but also recognizing what I don’t have — and not overstepping that in a time of crisis I think is incredibly important and people will see in the long run we are best served by freedom we are best served by leaders that know their place know what their role is and don’t overstep their authority.”


As I have frequently noted on these pages, liberty is a far rarer thing than a virus, illness, or even death. And if you can be so easily swayed to abandon it, some might say you do not deserve it. But you do.

I do. My wife and kids do. My friends and family, even those among and around us without the sense to realize what they have been asked to sacrifice, deserve to have their natural rights protected.

And we must protect them.

This is not a power our “leaders” will give back. We will have to fight for every inch of what was taken at every opportunity now and whenever someone in an elected office decides to use 2020 as precedent.

Public health does not trump everything. Freedom and natural rights trump everything. Our founders knew this, and they were not wrong then. We are not wrong now.