Even the New York Times Won't Carry Hillary's Water on "Trump Owes Russia Money" - Granite Grok

Even the New York Times Won’t Carry Hillary’s Water on “Trump Owes Russia Money”

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Four years of pretending Trump was hiding something in his taxes came to a close last month. He was hiding something from Democrats. That there was nothing to hide. They went all in 24/7/365 (again) only to come up empty. That’s no excuse for not trying again.

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They went after Trump for paying hardly any taxes, but that turned out to be the fault of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats. They wrote the loophole in the tax law that allowed Mr. Trump to write off business losses that resulted in the government owing him money and a ten-year audit, the technical reason he could not release them.

All the rs of it was political theater, and the left bought every act then came up empty twice.

That’s no excuse for not trying again. Third times a charm. Both Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are convinced that they can convince you that Trump owes Russia 400  million dollars. But like all the other (hundreds?) of ‘I have you now’ moments, this one is coming up empty as well.

The New York Times, of all places, writes that no matter how you spin it, “the theories don’t hold up.”


According to Mr. Trump’s latest financial disclosure report, filed with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, he owes at least $135 million to a smattering of small financial institutions such as Ladder Capital. His biggest creditor — to whom Mr. Trump owes well over $300 million — is Deutsche Bank. From 2012 through 2015, the scandal-plagued German bank lent Mr. Trump money for his Doral golf resort in Florida ($125 million), his hotel in Washington ($170 million), and his skyscraper in Chicago (at least $45 million).


The Times adds that Deutsche Bank did not break up the debt and sell it to Russians. It still sits on their books. It is probably waiting for the refund Mr. Trump is owed with which the IRS (still auditing) does not want to part.


Nothing to see here, but this is still the Times. They are holding their breath, if only a tiny bit, on the possibility that somewhere in the bank records there could be evidence of some conspiracy, but maybe even they have grown wise to the rules of the game.

Democrats will take the bait and stand in the trap, yelling at the top of their lungs. Trump will work the conspiracy to magnify his detractors’ complete lunacy when the truth emerges.

No, on second thought, I think I’m giving the Democrats and the Times too much credit. Where Trump is concerned, there is no learning curve for the Left.

Visceral hatred will do that to you.

But that’s okay, more fun for us.