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Did Sen. Shaheen Ask Sen. Hirono To Ask ACB if She’d Ever Sexually Harassed Anyone?

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While we’re on the topic of media cover-ups, the Biden pay to play story isn’t the only one the media is hiding. Out of the blue, a  sitting US senator asked a working mom during a congressional hearing if she’d ever sexually harassed anyone?

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Imagine if anyone asked Joe Biden that Question? And he’s got a well-documented history of violating personal space, touching, sniffing, grouping, and one credible accusation of rape.

‘You’re just distraction from the [insert latest faux-outrage here].

Imagine if a male US Senator asked any woman in a hearing if they had ever committed sexual harassment? It’s just a strange question. But it would be newsworthy? Not if it were Mazie Hirono (D- HI) asked Judge Amy Barrett.


“Since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors, or committed any physical or verbal harassment or assault of a sexual nature?”


The next question is what, “Judge Barrett, have you ever run with scissors?”

Sen. Hirono seems quite serious about her query, but the Alphabet and Cable-media ran away from this as quickly as they fled the Biden-Ukraine influence-peddling operation. And none of the major networks covered that questionable portion of the testimony because she said no.

Did they ask a lot of questions when California Democrat Katie Hill was credibly accused of sexual harassment? I don’t recall, but Hill had to resign. That would explain all the free time she has to tweet about Judge Barrett’s wardrobe.

“I hate to be someone who judges women on their clothes but I’m sorry ACB’s outfits are all way too handsmaid-y.”

Stephen Miller had the only possible response to Hill when he tweeted, “I mean of course Katie Hill is criticizing another woman because she’s wearing clothes.”

No anger management or grief therapy is required for the party of women’s feminist brains. They never noticed that either. Too busy looking for any evidence that the judge was secretly Amy Coney-Island Barrett. A closet furry, recreational drug user, or some other form of deviant that on any other day is a protected species but wholly inappropriate for a judicial nominee who smarter than all of them, especially Katie Hill and MAize Hirono, and that’s saying something according to Sen. Hirono.

All of which got me thinking.

What if the question was asked at the behest of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen? She seems awfully concerned about women and rights and sexual harassment, except when Joe Biden (or Bill Clinton, Tony Weiner, or any other Democrat) does it. What if she slipped the question to Sen. Hirono before the hearing?

Would anyone care? Would anyone ask, not so much whether the question seems odd or out of place, or dare we suggest, inappropriate, but may, why?

You can’t talk about Hunter Biden’s drug problems, hooker problems, baby mama problems, his business in China, or any of that Ukraine business. Billions exchanged hands over many years, and political pressure was applied, but let’s complain about Trump’s tweets.

Yes, that is the problem we as a nation must confront on Election day. Not foreign influence peddling by the Democrat candidate and his family, who should have their baggage hung on every Democrat in elected office or running for office, who is supporting them.

You see, it doesn’t matter if Sen. Shaheen slipped her the question; because of their rules, she’s still on the hook for Sen. Hirono’s behavior. And the Bidens, and Clintons, and the rest of them. But Republicans (sort of) suck at that kind of thing, or maybe they like the abuse, but it costs them elections.

Donald Trump isn’t like that at all. Call it what you like, but he fights back on their terms, and they hate him for it. They hate his supporters because they do it too. We love it, and we’ve been doing that for 14 years.

If you can’t make Democrats own it, they never will, so make them own it. All of it. Heck, any of it.

There will be a test on November 3rd. I hope you all pass.