Another Progressive Angry That a Conservatarian Listened To Her Talk – Gracie Gato: Stalker!!!! Part 2 - Granite Grok

Another Progressive Angry That a Conservatarian Listened To Her Talk – Gracie Gato: Stalker!!!! Part 2

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Heh! Reports are coming back that said Progressive is unhappy that said Conservatarian is using her words in order to comment on them. Free Speech much? Naw, she’s the California version of NH State Rep Jan Schmidt – you know, the Bernie-Bro that hates the idea that ANYONE disagrees with her monoculture foreign political philosophy of Socialism as she had Josh Moore’s site (Patriot Initiative) completely shut down over “hate speech” (as bogus a phrase like “assault weapon”) for a while. Then she tried to have us shut down by yammering at our hosting company about “hate speech” again – until I pointed out to them that I had posted everything that was going on. They agreed, as Josh’s ISP finally did – Free Speech and told her to go away.

Enter, stage Left, Gracie Gato. She’s highly miffed that someone (er, MOI!) would have the temerity to actually read her public Twitter feed and the posts on her blog site, Granite State Buzz (speaking of “hate speech” – a fulfillment of Progressive Projection), and then comment on it. Quelle horror!

So, to recap Part 1 (and yes, Gracie Gato has added even more – Part 3 will be coming up!):

  • It started here where Gracie Gato decided (because I had retweeted some of her tweets with comments) to write a blog post (“Open letter To the Granitegrok“) about us; Steve had tipped me off.
  • I thought it was amusing so I wrote Gracie Gato? I doubt it as you can’t help yourself; apparently she was not amused.
  • In fact, she called me a stalker and decided to call the Hudson police. Because I commented on what she had written.
  • Free Speech is not a hightlight of Bernie-Bros, Progressives, and many Democrats. This is the moral of the story.

And she called the cops:

Well, knowing from a Loyal Reader that Gato lives in Hudson, I called them. Introduced myself and explained why I was calling (e.g., Gracie Gato wanting to file a stalker report on me). The first person answering the call quickly referred me to another person and I went through the story again. It took a bit of time – the person thought this was absolutely amusing. I could add more of a description of the call but knowing Gracie from her Twitter feed, I’d bet that she’d be of the mind to get those folks in trouble.

In the end, there was no incident report made – only a call log. Yes a policeman was sent out to her home (see the above) to talk with her.

But to her assertion of “who can help“? Gracie must have been fuming sufficiently enough to keep a couple of homes warm this coming December (not clear about November – there might be too many days where the fuming would overheat the houses). The call log couldn’t be sent to me electronically and while I had my debit card ready to go, they (still!) could only take either cash or a check. Which would have meant schlepping all the way done for a 5 minute transaction. FORTUNATELY, our Loyal Reader agreed to go get the hard copy, pay the bill (I MUST remember to start sending out a few ‘Grok hats!), scan it in, and email it to me-  and it was done!

When I read it, I couldn’t stop laughing.  All that drama, all that sturm und drang? That assertion of “…who can help“? A little drip of nothingness. WORSE than nothing:

Hudson Police - report on Gracie Gato complaint of GraniteGrok Harrassment

I am assuming that “comp” below is “complainant”

OFC Glasser responded. Spoke with the comp and advised no harassment occurred. OFC advised it was a public blog with a different opinion

Free Speech, baby!  A complete disavowment of the charge of harassment according to the officer. Now, police are not adjudicators of the Law in the formal sense – but they are on the practical sense “on the street”. She should have figured out “different opinion” is the equivalent of “Free Speech”.

Free Speech – not harassment. Simply commentary – under the umbrella of the First Amendment of Free Speech and Freedom of the Press. I’m also fairly sure that she has no idea of what the NH Constitution says about the matter:

[Art.] 22. [Free Speech; Liberty of the Press.] Free speech and Liberty of the press are essential to the security of Freedom in a State: They ought, therefore, to be inviolably preserved.

[Art.] 30. [Freedom of Speech.] The freedom of deliberation, speech, and debate, in either House of the Legislature, is so essential to the rights of the people, that it cannot be the foundation of any action, complaint, or prosecution, in any other Court or place whatsoever.

Perhaps Gracie needs a refresher course (I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt here – LA schools are not known for being top-notch) on Constitutional contents and values.

It’s rather amusing that most Democrat females want to be treated equally in all things; I took her at her word and did so. But when the time came to recognize that I was treating her like anyone else (I’ve oft said I don’t care what color somebody is (Black, White, Red, Brown, Green with Purple Polka dots) or sex (male, female)). Isn’t that what they want?

Obviously not – and I’ve never had a man complain about “harassement” when I’ve treated them just like this – commenting on their own words.Instead, she immediately, for all of her bravado on Twitter and Granite State Buzz, she immediately made herself a victim and ran to Government as a first response. It’s the Democrat way – the race to be First Victim according to the Democrat Party Identity Group Political Totem Poll (female, brown, Latina, Progressive – an impressive 4 part “hit”).

I’ll just stick with “just an ordinary schlub from Central NH”, thankyouverymuch!

But I hear that she, once again, has decided to talk about me and/or GraniteGrok. So, Part 3 will come up fairly soon.

For this is how Progressives roll…